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A Constancy of Emotion

Reclining Odalisque by Ferdinand Max Bredt

The casual acquaintance became a casual friend, and then a friend with benefits ... and her intimacy became a lasting impression ... a memory in the heart.

Dear Conni, how are you today?

I’m thinking about you

This moment without you

And wishing you well by the way.


Fair Conni, where are you tonight?

And do you remember

The glow of the ember

That waned in our time of delight?


Darling Conni, sultry and warm,

Since ever I met you,

I could not forget you,

So enrapt was I in your charm.


Oh, pretty Conni, are you still

Alone in the starkness

Of quiet and darkness,

That only the right words can fill?


Sweet Conni, the lingering smile

That played on my heartstrings

And lifted my heart’s wings,

And lighted the intimate while.


Oh, Conni dearest, do you hear

The world stood still for us.

It did and will for us,

Should we e’er return to that tier.

r. nuñez, 8/2018

love poems
r. nuñez
r. nuñez
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