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By Lucie AidartPublished about a year ago 2 min read


Two. Infinity... ♾️

Dissolution /// DISCONNECTION / Disappearance /// Dissociation/// Dissonance/////

I stride through a crowded Bangkok market street, invisible.

No eyes meet mine. Bodies jerked, thrown, pushed; love dismembered.

I tramp, alone, the paths of the world, the dirt tracks of life.

In the void and silence, your presence is whole.

My imagination resides in an ocean of planets and stars, in dimensions unknown, in the impossibility of you.

I seek, I search, I wo/ander. You’re nowhere to be discovered.

In those eyes, those wrinkles, in that touch, in that smile, in those depths; maybe, nearly, never.

The walls grow higher. The vines tighten.

I’m a passenger. I stepped in the wrong train, the wrong lane, the wrong world.

I float, I bounce, I fly, I jump, I see and live from above, immaterial to this reality.

No home, no anchor, no belonging, no love.

A divine spell, a wisdom unleashed; I rush, I embrace, I fly, I engulf. To you. Through you.

CVs, emails, glances above masks, glasses and plastic dividers; a call, texts, a coffee, a risk.

You sit in front of me, in both a shy and assured manner.

You remove your mask, your glasses, your absence.

The walls crumble. The vines unfold. A magnetic field enthrals us. You take my breath away.

It’s the world turns to disappear. For time to freeze. I’m here, real…. You see me.

And I see you. There’re only your eyes, your emotions, your tears, your smile, your lips, your presence,

our truth, our now.

Beyond the walls, under the vines, my heart opens, purrs, expands,

To you, through you, for us.

Supernova. Collision. Fusion.

A merging of souls, a binding of us,

of love, of life, of worlds, of time.

Infinity. Two. One. Whole.

I don’t believe in love at first sight. You say you don't either.

At our sweet colliding encounter, I fell in remembrance of you, of us;

of our truth, our soul, our mission, our infinity, our love, our us.

In my past, in Bangkok and beyond, I’m no longer alone. In the future, we are one.

And today, we are love.

UNION CONNECTION Apparition Presence Harmony Unity ONENESS



With you. Always.

A collision

In every inch of time and space.

I love you.

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About the Creator

Lucie Aidart

French and English writer and screenwriter, I let words flow through me, stories unravel and creative intuition lead me.

Sci-Fi, supernatural, political, spiritual, magical realism, travel, poetry, channeled writing, stream of consciousness.

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