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Back seat

Back seat

By Kabir KhanPublished 27 days ago 1 min read
Back seat
Photo by Jose Fontano on Unsplash

I asked the back seat of the bike - why are you at the back?

He looked at me in surprise.

Wanted to know the reason for such a strange question.

I smiled and wanted to prove my intelligence to him.

But he has repeatedly caught my ignorance.

Every time he tried to touch me, I surrendered

I could not tell him that I was looking for a place to lean on.

For this resort I sought only when a beggar stretched out his hand to me in the crushing—

Instead of giving anything, I used to pick up the empty seat of the bike because of his blind judgment.

Seeing him, I thought of going blind again and again-

I used to say the same thing to the reclining pole in the back seat

But he repeatedly refuted my Vulnerable Theorem

Instead he would say,

If I go blind, the nest will be frozen in the signal.

He wholeheartedly believed in this vision.

I questioned the bike seat again today

Who do you want to book today?

He didn't answer-

Instead, I was handed a notice of a silent march-

I continued to bike towards the destination assuming silence.

Today again the seat asked with surprised eyes -

Whose touch do I really want in the back seat?

Instead of an answer, I handed him the affidavit of indefinite strike.

- Kabir Khan

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Kabir Khan

I am a student, writing is my passion

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  • Manisha Dhalani26 days ago

    This is some great poetry.

Kabir KhanWritten by Kabir Khan

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