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Why Motivation is Crap

Let Drive take the Wheel

By Lisa MariePublished 10 months ago Updated 10 months ago 4 min read
Why Motivation is Crap
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I often tell people that being motivated is complete crap. I am not saying being motivated is a bad thing though. We all want to be motivated right? To feel inspired, create, and wake up like damn today is the day I am going to create and fill this page for this chapter of my life with such color and productivity. Simple things become game changers, like waking up earlier to take that run in the morning, finishing that thing you started but never finished, that idea you keep thinking about whether it's a business idea or anything else you finally put into action. All great to enhance our living as well as stepping closer to a goal(s). But we all have to keep in mind that motivation comes and goes. Though I am not saying to not be motivated at all, however, what I am saying is to replace that motivation with drive.

But realistically it is not always like that, right? But why not? Why are people running off motivation instead of drive? Why are you blocking your happiness and your goals? Why are you not taking the small action steps? Why are the milestones we have created not being acknowledged as progress and achievements that are adding up to the greater bigger picture? We as human beings are our own worst critics. We tend to be hard on ourselves as well as compare ourselves to other people's journeys as if we are supposed to be right where they are at. This is going to loop right back around to what I have stated before when I say motivation is Crap.

Just like David Goggins who uses that as his Mantra, Which I will have to say is a good one, it is also a true one. So we get motivated for a day or a moment maybe a week, a month, and then we loop ourselves into everything I mentioned above. We do the comparisons, take a couple L's, and pencil those into our book of failures that we don't see as blessings because you can not possibly see that the failures make you into the greatness you are becoming. But instead, we see the failures as not being internally not good enough, not being gifted or talented. The failures in life should be worn as badges, take those losses like you take your winnings. Let the failures be your drive to not give up. Let it push you to a new level of consciousness that encompasses your soul. Ask yourself, "What could I do better?" The motivation you seek will not carry you to where you need or want to be. It is ultimately going to be that drive that creates your success from your inner and outer world. The moment you immerse yourself in the unknown and stop worrying about what others think of you or how you are going to look to others then you will realize you have unlocked a door that will lead you to so many opportunities of the unknown. Places you could have never imagined.

Allowing yourself to let go of the fear of failing in front of others is the biggest game changer. Since when has trying become not cool? Keep trying. Keep going. Easier said than done, I know. But this is where motivation is crap and the drive kicks in from your soul and you must tell the mind that wants to revert to its warm, safe place of comfortability, no we are doing this because success is not being warm and comfortable. It is looking at the challenges and saying this is scary, this is uncomfortable, I have failed so many times, but none of that matters, and I'm taking my power back. Let your drive be bigger than your fears. Let your drive take the wheel along that open road and drive you somewhere you never thought you'd be. There is a famous quote but Sir James Dyson, "What I've learned from running is that the time to push hard is when you're hurting like crazy, and you want to give up. Success is often just around the corner." Who by the way invented the vacuum to which it had taken him 5,126 vacuum design attempts before he had a properly working vacuum. The greatest inventors ever lived took failure as success. They took failure as the road map to better themselves. Life is your curriculum.

Motivation comes and goes, passion can as well. It is truly the drive inside and knowing that it is you against you and no one on this earth spends more time with you than you so why not be the best, authentic version of yourself? Let go of the fears, and how people see you and go after what truly lights your soul. Be Driven, because motivation is crap.

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