Who says you can’t

ABC - Adversity Builds Character

Who says you can’t
Never stop! Keep going!

Who said you can’t reach that goal, who said you couldn’t lose that weight, who said you don’t qualify for the job don’t apply, who made you feel like you weren’t good enough? Whoever doubted you, I want you to turn around and give them a big. ....... Thank you ! Yes’ I said it thank you! See those are the people who were fuel to your success during the time you were at a low point.

Adversity builds character, anytime some has doubts of your dream they become an adversary, a person you have to plow through no matter what so you can reach your dreams. I know this is cliche but there is a mother out there with children and no help and the odds are stacked against her, honey those odds are all you have to push through to get to where you desire, knock them down one by one. Adversity builds character, for the young man who wasn’t fitting in, baby those kids didn’t deserve your essence their rejection was your blessing!

Each time a door closes in your face, each time a family member says you can’t, each time a spouse holds you back from your ambitions in goals, transmute that energy into something positive, you will be a success. If you let the doubters win you take a piece of your self away each time you give in.

You were meant to be whole in this world and no one knows what that is to but you. So again don’t let your adversaries when, spar with them yes, each time you win become more confident more stronger. Take that confidence into the world and let no one ever put a ceiling over you head, baby the world is boundless!!!!!

ABC - Adversity Builds Character

Start to surround yourself with “you can do it people!”. The people who are their to push you along the way, make your goals short to long term. Every step towards your goals, no matter how small or big is a step closer. Start to listen to meditations that help you change your mindset. A lot of times we get set into a way of thinking that does not match our capabilities. But if you grow up around the “you can’t people” the idea of having more always seem like a fairy tale. Sometimes people impose their thoughts on you not understanding your potential, again adversaries builds your character, your confidence your being, but the key to defeating these adversaries is acknowledging them.

Don’t wait 20 years to get rid of that negative friend, don’t stay trapped to ideals about family that sometimes you are the only one living by. Don’t be afraid to spread your wings, for we all have our own pair. There is a need to move from being dependent upon the approval of others to a knowing that you are simply good enough.

For those who have parents that don’t see your potential ~ you are good enough

For the single mom trying to go to school and work to give your children better ~ your efforts are appreciated

To the young men who were raised without a father figure to show them how to be a man ~ your existence is validated just by you being here

To the daughter who seeking approval and never finds it ~ you shall not ask for what you are built with

Any situation, person, place or thing that is stopping you from your goals, is an adversary. An adversary that will not win, an adversary that only makes you stronger after every match. Thank you adversaries for your greatness was not found until you conquered them.

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