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A Thriving Marriage with Our Dua for Husband And Wife Love

dua for husband and wife love

By Maulana JiPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Dua for Husband And Wife Love

Marriage is a sacred union that brings a husband and a wife together, giving birth to a relationship characterized by love, faith and comprehension. Although, similar to any relationship, it takes a great deal of commitment to keep it alight. Use of dua, supplication, is the best method for buidling love between the husband and wife.

Dua is a powerful instrument in Islam that provides a way of communication to express our profoundest needs and wishes to Allah. In this way, by reminding the husband and wife to keep Allah in their hearts and minds, love and harmony can be asked from Allah by making dua in their relationship.

"Oh our Lord, keep us away from our own negative tendencies and habits, and make the good-natured people who do good deeds to be our friends for eternity (7:28)."

Translation: "O our God! Please provide us with the comfort of our families (maternal and offspring) and make us an example for the righteous people."

Such a Dua is definitely an effective way to ensure Allah's blessings are invoked in the marriage, the couple emanates love and tranquility and they are role models for the others to follow goodness. A couple can do this by reciting the dua frequently, and in the end their relationship will become stronger and their love will grow.

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Along with the recitation of this specified dua, couples can as well make their own duas in their own words referring to their feelings and hopes for a true and loving relationship. Through genuine appeal to Allah for His guidance and intervention, spouses would be able to bring their hearts closer together and foster a better connection.

It should be kept in mind, that dua is not a magic solution for all problems in the relationship, rather it is one way of getting Allah’s blessings and benefits. On which we make dua, the husband and wife should be working on sharing openly with the listening each other and showing their love and respect through their actions.

Finally, dua for couple love is a strong mechanism that helps to build the connection in between a couple and drive their love for each other. Couples can find Allah’s blessing and sagacity through dua, and as a result, they can have an affectionate and peaceful relationship with love, trust and mutual understanding.

Marriage is a wonderful union of pair of people who then share everything they have- from the ordinary like their personal issues to the extra ordinary like happiness and pains of life. Nonetheless, love just like any other relationship is not about bed of roses all through, but there is always the wandering between the two set paths of happiness and sadness that could test the most of what we can give to each other. In all stages of life of relationship, especially conflict and struggle, partners have to always remember the key elements of love, compassion and respect to keep their relationship alive.

The importance of faith in a marriage and the way to strengthen it through the practice of dua, which is supplication, stands out as one of the most powerful ways to consolidate love between husband and wife. Dua in Muslim religion is an act of worship in which one ask Allah to fulfils their wishes. The husband and wife gain the guidance and help of Allah from Him by praying for each others happiness and well-being together and making dua(praying) for their prosperity of their togetherness.

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