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What not to do in life


By Hope NedPublished about a month ago 3 min read

You are your own worst enemy. I know how it can be especially when you are an over thinker and a procrastinator. When doing that you’re only doing one thing and that’s holding your own self back because you’re to scared to step out of your little box which is your comfort zone. But you must understand if you wait and wait and do not get things done in your life for your self to make your life better and to make your kids lives better then who will? There's a whole world and life that will pass you by before you know it and it will be too late. Live while your alive don’t just exist. Time waits for no one, it keeps going.

Don't you want to know in your mind and your heart that you lived your life and you didn't just exist? Knowing that you lived your life to the fullest and accomplished all your goals is so much better then knowing you procrastinated all your life and did nothing or least possible. You don't want to just get by,you want to succeed and accomplish your dreams and goals. And yes, things are hard and life is very complicated, for some more then others. But, you have to keep pushing and keep going, you can't stop and you can't give up. No matter how hard life gets continue to pray, think positive and work. Always remember to remain consistent and coachable. You should always maintain a positive mindset and stay persistent on why you are working so hard to achieve your goal. Be mindful of your time and others time in your, life it is precious. You want to complete your goals in a timely manner so that you can move on to the next maintaining productivity.

Always, always remember any and every thing is possible and you can succeed. All your goals are possible to accomplish just remember to believe in yourself and do it. Don't double think and question yourself keep moving forward. Think about how hard you push your kids to succeed such as if they are learning to ride a bike. You push and teach them until they get it and understand it. They learn how to do it and what to do, they remain consistent. Then before you know it they are pro bike riders doing all types of tricks down the street. So with that being said you have to be consistent with yourself like you are with your children and master it.

Focusing plays an important role in procrastination. If you are not focused on your task or goal it will be hard to stay productive and consistent. You should always work towards your goal everyday and remember why you must do this. Keep a clear mind and stay intuned with yourself. As long as you stay focused and don't pay attention to what anyone else is doing you will prosper. Do not let anything nor anyone , nothing hinder you and take your focus away. It may be hard at times but as soon as you notice yourself drifting away from whats important fix it get your head and mindset right and go forth. I promise you if you do these things you will be successful and you will reap all the benefits of your hard work. Keep calm and do not stress, find ways to relieve stress and do not put yourself in stressful environments and situations.

Try to plan ahead if you possibly can it helps with procrastination. If you learn and coach yourself to a daily routine it will began repeditive. Write things down and make notes to yourself and reminders. Anything you can do to stay focused and not procrastinate will produce positive outcome for you and yours.

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