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There Is Always A Crash

No Matter How Good You Are

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published about a month ago 3 min read

I think it is easy for us as Humans to become Blind to Reality.

When we feel great, everything seems to move to our whims.

It can feel Intoxicating, like nothing can ever pull you back down.

The world is your oyster, and it will keep producing you with pearls, forever.

Hubris at its most Fatal.

No one is immune to this, not even those closest to Saintliness.

If anything, I have found that those who see themselves as most "Holy", or call themselves "Godlike", are perhaps most at risk for falling prey to this Feeling.

I am not immune to it either, I have had my fair share of feeling on top of the world.

When Reality strikes, it tends to strike hard.

No matter how Good you are at anything, there will always be a Crash.

You could be the best Leader in the Universe, and you will still have a Crash occur in your Organization.

You could be the best Partner in any Relationship, and you would still have a Crash in a fight.

You could be the Best at your Work, and you would still have a Crash of Failure.

You could be a Master of Understanding Stress and Energy (Mg-ATP) Dynamics, and you will have days where you Struggle in Dis-Stress.

There is always a Crash.

There is a funny way that the Crash tends to hit whatever we feel Best at.

It is possible that it is a matter of Statistical Likelihood and Attention.

We simply are more likely to Crash there because we spend more time there, and we are more Focused on it.

It is also possible it is an act of God, revealing our own Pride to us to show us how little is actually in our Control.

Regardless of how you Believe it works, it is stunning how Predictably it happens in Humanity.

No matter how Invincible you feel, Life has a way of using the Crash to show us our Humanness.

So many people have this happen in their Lives, and it causes extreme levels of Dis-Stress.

The Crash brings Decimation.

But it doesn't have to be like this.

There can be Good that comes when we face the Reality.

If we know a Crash is imminent, we can Prepare.

We can think of Plans for what can be done whenever a Crash does occur.

Having a Plan lowers our Dis-Stress, especially "when" a Crash does occur.

Knowing that a Crash is inevitable can also reduce our Huberis.

This reduction can allow us to "see" the Crash more Clearly.

See, when we are oozing in Pride, the Crash "feels" more personal.

How could that happen to "me"?

Why didn't "I" see it sooner?

That is something "I" should have avoided!

The Crash becomes an Implosion on our Psyche.

For some people, they never Recover.

However, if we see the Crash as a simple part of Life, it is Impersonal.

It has nothing to do with "you", it is part of the Cycle of Life.

Understanding it is just Life, you can stand up faster, and move forward quicker.

The Crash may be inevitable, but that doesn't mean you have to lay face-first in the mud afterward.

You can use the Crash as an Opportunity.

In certain circles, you may hear it called "Post Traumatic Growth".

When you understand the Crash is normal, you can stand tall when others remain in the mud.

As you walk forward, people will wonder how you always seem to be "ahead".

You'll know the Truth.

You just Understand Reality and Accept it as such.

If you are "ahead", it is only because you got up and kept moving while others remained.

It isn't an Extraordinary gift to be able to Stand Up, yet to those who look up from the mud, you will appear shining.

I write this today because I have felt like I was in the Mud for a decent chunk of the day.

Despite my best efforts, my Energy is sapped today, and I have Struggled to hit what I feel "should" be my Peak.

I'm Human, it happens.

It may be how You are Feeling as well.

Will you join me in Standing Back Up?

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  • The Writer about a month ago

    Beautiful !!!

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