The Power of Procrastination

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The different types & ways to overcome them

The Power of Procrastination

Going into blanks is nothing short of the reality of the world. With a busy week full of events good & bad its compelling to realize the act of not wanting to look back at any of it. I wonder how the mind works in the sense of it all. In a state of doing all the things on your list.

Procrastination is such a strange phenomenon. The art of doing something then creating distractions that prolong the completion of the task. The dictionary definition says, procrastination is the act or habit or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.

Among the many, there are a few types of procrastinators that will be focused on. These procrastinators gives some general knowledge of what’s it like during procrastination & ways to get through it.

Perfectionism is a part of procrastination that can sometimes be easy to mistook. The attention to detail can take too much time of the whole & when deadlines are close focusing on the little things can hinder the completion.

Obsessions while in some instances can be good, when getting a task done its important to create a layout of the things to do in order to make sure that you stay focused on the task. Make time for edits so you can adjust your time after completion for detailing & making those adjustments.

The Dreamer is the type of procrastinator that is the creative influencer. Their distraction is to continuously produce ideas & solutions to tasks but focuses too much on creating the ideal plan rather than starting or even finishing the task.

The dreamer tends to focus on creating the perfect layout for tasks & the most efficient way of success. What takes away from the dreamer is where to start & how to stay on track. A rule of thumb is to break down the assignments in enough mini tasks as necessary in order to leave time for procrastination. Sometimes by keeping track on your progress will allow you to see what needs more attention than others.

The Avoider is the procrastinator that simply like to leave the project for the last minute. Rather than working to solve the task right away, the avoider tends to leave the project for last minute.

With the avoider its important to prioritize the most difficult task first because it will bring momentum to finish the rest of the tasks. Paying attention the most difficult thing on the list gives relief of stress which brings enough energy to finish the rest. Breaking down each task (especially the difficult ones) helps to build a surge in energy. Creating transitions & positive reinforcement on your task will help to develop that motivational momentum.

The Crisis Maker tends to make projects bigger than they already are. They wait until last minute to do things to have the added stress & pressure to push them to success. The idea of rushing to finish a task helps brings alert to the person.

By waiting to leave things last minute you prevent time to check for mistakes. That being said a solution is to divide & conquer. Using the Pomodoro Technique you can make your assignments/tasks as a relay race where you complete sections of the work in a small amount of time. Leaving some time for break but timing each method out to provide the at most method of success.

The Busy Procrastinator has trouble organizing their objectives because of the vast amount of them & refuse to complete them. Not being worth their effort they can create more activities & line of distractions overwhelming the work creating a loop.

All of this goes back to prioritization. Being able to identify which is more important & which validates the urgency determines how you go about tasks. By adding more tasks in order to create enough urgency to get as many done as possible is unrealistic in this case. Understanding on deadlines & which is most likely to be completed in each given time greatly encourages success & ease of work.

Procrastination happens all the time. From doing simple tasks to finding ways to past by time for inspiration, procrastination can open up to outside factors to lead you to where you might need to go. Its important to understand the procrastination type & use it to your advantage upon successfully finishing anything in life. Working on making yourself better can lead to a lot of distractions but these detours can lead to great experiences when guided back to the original thing. Though extra work may need to be taken, by using a positive mindset & with the help of creativity, we can overcome these obstacles.

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