Self Pride

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Acknowledging Pride within yourself

Self Pride
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What is pride? What does it mean to have pride? Sometimes you can feel like a non prideful person. There might be pride within, but pride seems like an association with the people you’re surrounded by. Its natural to feel overshadowed by the amount of pride that you are exposed to. This allows other ways to express yourself. I appreciate so many people that are able to show their pride in whatever way they do.

Having confidence within yourself & what you do shows professionalism & a sense of pride when shown. Overconfidence can promote arrogance & hide itself within pride. It’s important to practice self care & take pride on your accomplishments because it’s what promotes growth. Trusting yourself & your abilities builds pride as well as self awareness of what you’re capable of.

As a child pride isn’t something much focused on. According to Psychology Today, pride and shame is often overlook. Pride (mostly paired with shame) is used as a motivator for learning. It’s more important to experience pride as a child for growth and development due to exposure to unknown emotions because it’s all new emotions and experiences. Learning about who you are wasn’t something much considered when you’re young because at the time, fitting in and trying to figure out what worked and what didn’t was part of self development.

Throughout history pride is shown in various countries & cultures. From different groups like the LGBTQ+ to the pride of countries like Puerto Rico, pride is a form of expression & assurance of not just oneself but the faculty that you’re accustomed to. Solidarity & validation contributes to the strength of pride due to the connections that are made & presented.

Pride is an emotional state of being that is a result of positive achievements & attachments that bring gratification in the growth of self. Various promotions of pride helps celebrate the achievements & self validations of the faculties.

Due to influences & adolescence, socialism affects self development which caters to growth & self awareness of the world. Today, role models & positive figures assist in our growth in ways not always known to those years ago. Empathy, kindness & pride are embedded into generations for use of a better tomorrow. From previous struggles & obstacles by our ancestors we reap the fruits of their labor. That being said, we are provided the tools and the ability to find solutions to today & future hurdles.

Celebrating pride is very important. It allows for people of similar & supporting views to comemorate a time of being. Honoring thyself & those within the community strengthens unity & solidarity. It also shows exposure for those who are in need of guidance & hope. Through the use of parades & holidays we can cherish & gratify the achievements & positive successes that came from these events. Understanding & accepting such memorabilia, validating its existence gives importance & mandate its importance to the world.

So what is pride? Do we have it? We all have pride within us all. From our achievements to the legacies that’s been handed down to us. Taking pride in who & what we are as well as where we come from is part of individual growth & self acceptance. We learn to understand those things & use the best parts of them to be better people & take pride in who we’ve become. Acknowledge the achievements of the past & present without the use of arrogance, entitlement & overconfidence is what pride can be defined as. So find your self pride & celebrate what makes you, you.

Goosey Q.
Goosey Q.
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