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The Garden Of Broken Dreams

Healing the Soul: A Journey from Despair to Fulfilment

By Blessings N JubanePublished about a month ago 3 min read

A forgotten garden exists in the centre of a busy town, hidden by tall buildings and neon lights. It was once a breathtakingly beautiful area, with flowers blooming in vivid colours and the air filled with the lovely aroma of jasmine and lavender. Birds sung melodies that would soothe even the most tormented spirits, and every part of the garden exhibited nature’s beauty. However now it was only a shell of its former glory, a garden of shattered aspirations.

Years of negligence had taken its toll. Weeds choked out the exquisite blooms, and the once-clear waterways had become muddy and stagnant. The birds had long since flown away, in pursuit of more inviting habitats. The garden, just like most of us, had given in to its brokenness.

Take Alex, for example, a young artist who discovered the abandoned garden while looking for inspiration for his new piece. Alex had always been a lively soul, but recent events had left him feeling devastated and without hope. He'd lost his job, quit his three-year relationship, and felt like his life was out of control. His once-vivid imagination had faded, and he was now only a shell of his former self. Just when he was about to give up on life and everything he had ever wanted, he noticed the shattered garden.

As Alex walked through the garden, he suddenly realised that the garden was a true reflection of his own life. The broken paths, faded flowers, and lifeless streams reflected his inner torment. He realised that, like the garden, he had neglected his own soul, allowing anguish and brokenness to grow and spread. He slumped on a disintegrating bench, overcome by the gravity of his realisation. The broken path represented the path of success he had once enjoyed in his profession that now seemed broken, and the faded flowers to him reflected his life that had once seemed so promising and pleasant but now he was losing everything and there seemed to be no sign of hope.

The garden's barren state served as a strong metaphor for how brokenness may prevent us from fully experiencing life. When we neglect our wounds and refuse to face what breaks us, we become like the garden—overgrown with weeds of despair, our dreams strangled, and our potential unused. The consequences of not treating our brokenness are severe: a life of unrealized potential, strained relationships, and an unending state of unhappiness.

But there is hope. As Alex sat in the yard, he observed one flower fighting to bloom among the weeds. It was a sign that life may still thrive in the most shattered areas. Alex was inspired and resolved to take action. He began visiting the garden on a daily basis, picking weeds, clearing streams, and planting new flowers. The garden gradually began to show signs of resurrection.

Similarly, we can address our own brokenness. It all begins with admitting our pain and taking little measures towards healing. This could include going to therapy, talking to trustworthy friends, or doing self-care activities that nourish our spirits. Just like Alex tends to the garden, we must tend to our hearts, cultivating the aspects of ourselves that have been neglected.

The rewards of addressing our brokenness are enormous. As we recuperate, we begin to rediscover our passions and abilities. Our relationships develop when we become more open and honest. We begin to see the beauty in life again, and our once-forgotten dreams begin to grow.

Months went by, and the garden was restored to its former glory. Flowers grew in wild colours, streams ran clear and clean, and the also birds returned and started filling the air with their lovely songs. Alex, too, discovered his spark again. His artwork grew, reflecting the garden's exuberant regeneration as well as his own soul. He realised that the journey to completeness was ongoing, but that each step he took got him closer to experiencing life to the fullest. Just like how he had addressed the garden's brokenness one area at a time, Alex started to pay attention to his own brokenness and started to address each area of his broken life, one at a time. Though hard at first it was rewarding and worth the effort.

Finally, the garden that was once looked at as the garden of broken dreams was transformed into a symbol of aspiration and endurance. It reminded Alex, and it should remind us all, that despite how shattered we feel, with care and effort, we can recover and live a beautiful and fulfilling life. The goal is to acknowledge our brokenness, embrace the healing process, and permit ourselves to bloom again.

As you end this chapter, take a moment to consider your own life. What weeds have taken root in your soul? How can you start caring for your inner garden today? Remember that the journey to wholeness begins with one step. Are you prepared to take it?

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