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Prompt — Who or What Measure Your Success?

“Why do you associate success with wealth and power?” the male demands.

By Annelise Lords Published 7 months ago 4 min read
Image by Annelise Lords

I was sitting near the seaside awaiting the sunset, and listening to a male and female arguing about success.

“Why do you associate success with wealth and power?” the male demands.

“Because that’s how society measured it,” the female informs.

My eyes swayed to the male, who asked on the verge of annoyance, “Who is living your life?”

“I am,” she fired back.

“So why do you care about what society thinks or how they measure it? Success is more how you live than what you got!”

“Not in my world,” she throws back to him.

“How do you measure it?” I cut in, asking the female.

“For me,” she said her hand on her upper chest. “My master’s degree in Business Management. My mansion, a nice car and prince charming,” she elaborates.

My eyes swayed to the male, who said to me, “It’s your turn.

I complied, “Success is in every area of our lives. The big things everyone sees and admires. The little things that carry more weight and do more, a few or no one sees it or knows.”

“I like that,” he said with a smile.

“But how will others know you are successful if they can’t see it or know it?” she questions.

“I will know!” I notified, glaring at her. “I measure my success, not society.”

“Amen!” the male exclaimed. “That’s why many of us fail. We kill ourselves to achieve success for others who don’t like or care about us to see and accept us.”

“What’s wrong with wanting to be recognized for being successful and owning half of the planet?” she fired back.

“Nothing,” I argued. “But many people will celebrate our success but hide from our failures.”

“I agree,” the males said. “You are the only one feeling your pain. And if you fail, you will be the only one living in and with your shame.”

“Well,” she swayed her head. “I don’t care because I don’t intend to fail. I want it all, the house, car, husband, jewelry, fame, and fortune. When I am successful and rich I can live any way I want.”

“It will cost you,” The male warns.

“I don’t care!” She spoke pointing up. “I can’t wait to get there because I will be up there living large with maids, butlers, chauffeurs, cooks, personal trainers, and more.”

“When and if you get there,” he teased.

“I will get there in time,” she states.

“It’s not as hard as many humans views it you know,” I tried to convince.

“If you know an easier route, share it!” she demands easing closer to me.

“There is no easy route,” her male friend said.

I smiled mischievously and shared, “How it’s measured, that means it looks hard and creates problems for us.”

“True,” the male agrees.

“That’s how society does it,” she repeats.

“I know a lady, everywhere she goes, she makes a difference. She serves a purpose to everyone she meets. She helps and improves many situations and lives. You can rely on her honesty and kindness. She is successful to me,” I share.

“Amen!” the male said.

“Who knows the little things that she did?” the female fired back.

“All of the people that benefitted whether it’s one or ten,” I said.

“And you call that success?”

“Like he said,” I pointed to her friend eyeing her in a bad way, “Success is also how we live and love. How we treat others. That lady has people in her community assisting her in every way. She doesn’t have to ask anyone to do anything for her. Everyone wants to do something kind for her. Her positive attitude, kind actions, choices and decisions create unity, harmony, peace and love in her community, everyone wants to live there. That is success for me.”

“You call living good success?” she asked.

“Many wealthy people can’t find peace in their lives or other places they go,” her male friend said. “They can’t find anyone to help them out of kindness. They have to pay for everything they want.”

“Is that community here on earth?” she asked laced with sarcasm.

Her male friend's brows hoisted up quickly, as our eyes touched and I said, “That lady is happy and contented with her life. She lacks nothing. That is success too!”

“Double Amen!” the male declared. “I volunteered as a Coach at my community Center. Many of the children respect and listen to me more than they listen to their parents. I can get them to obey rules their parents can’t get them to obey. I motivate and guide. Seeing young children staying out of jail and in school to better themselves makes my heart glad. That’s success for me. And I don’t care who sees it and who doesn’t!”

“Because success for many of us, is satisfaction with our life whether we are wealthy or not. Recognition, accolades, and awards, doesn’t define us, it’s how we live!” I hit her with.

“Triple Amen!” the male shouts. “At the end of the day and life, I will have to answer to my decisions and how I treat others.”

“I am glad I am not any of you,” she said walking away in anger.

For me, success is the satisfaction of my life, actions, choices, and decisions. Those will continue long after I am gone. Our recognition, accolades, and awards will be useless to us and others. The legacy we left behind, along with the kind of decisions we made that benefit humanity will be valuable and useful. And that, for me, is SUCCESS!

Do you measure your success?

Or does society do it for you?

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it.

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