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Problem Solver!!!

I am a problem solver and to hell with my problems.

By Ahmad ZubairPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

Unlike most of you guys, I was once characterized as a problem creator. I was the one with the most negative energy in all the places I used to be. Which made me realize that I am my biggest problem. This is when I started reading books and particularly the ones in the self-help section. It took a lot of time for me to get out of my own shadow, but the effort was all worth it.

Now I can bore you by taking you down with me through my memory where I share with you what I used to do and how that affected me but that’s a dark road I don’t want to take. However, today I have decided to share the summary of all the self-help books which have helped me crawl back as a new and mature person.

In this article today, I am going to let you walk through my life’s extremely low points. It is going to be very personal and the outcome will be very powerful. So let's begin.

After reading a good load of books, I am confident to share a bunch of techniques that'll help you keep yourself on the right track. The track leads you toward a healthy, prosperous, and promising future. These are not some hard-core techniques and you are always welcome to mold them as per your requirement and comfort level. But the basic idea of all techniques is the same.

1. Let’s make it a habit of thinking on paper. Draw or write your thoughts.

Now, why am I saying that? Honestly, the simplest answer is, you can’t do anything until to plan wisely. and planning wisely involves getting to know things. Believe me when I tell you that, you just can't take a trip somewhere new without knowing the roads. The design of your house is not good for you until you sketch it out on paper or maybe discuss it with an architect who helps you draw your dream house.

Just like that, you can’t build a company or start a business without planning it. No one would know what’s going on in your head and it will be very difficult to convince any investor without any paperwork. But this is what makes writing your thoughts down interesting. The moment you fixate on writing everything down, you will start to see the path following which you can achieve your goal. This helps you to know, what will work for you and what needs to be amended.

And in the very same manner, you can help yourself and solve all the problems you are having. Be it financial, social, psychological, or emotional, all you need to do is to sit down with yourself and write down whatever you are feeling at that moment.

I am sure a lot of you are going to ask me this, “Really, is it really this simple, and if it is this simple then how come there are so many tense people”. Well, the answer is, yes, it is this simple and honestly it is not as easy as you expect it to be. I will first complete this article and then I will share with you what I felt and how I took a hold of it.

Okay, so now here is the thing, you need to understand that when you write down a problem, any problem, on paper, you take your emotions out of yourself and convert them into energy consumed to write it down. And now when that emotion is out of you and right there on paper, in Infront of you, you can objectively look at that and think rationally you will be able to solve it.

Believe me, most of the time, the moment when you write your problems down, you feel like these are not problems but rather the results of the unresolved emotional issues which you kept piling up inside you. And then you realize that this problem was the byproduct of an emotional issue that you never wanted to let go of. You were just dragging it with you for no reason, neither good nor bad.

To let go of your troubles, you have to ask yourself the following three questions.

  • What can I do to solve the problem?
  • What books or literature can I refer to, to solve the problem?
  • Who can I ask for help to solve the problem?

You need to understand that, the moment you write your problem down, your brain starts functioning in ways to solve the problem. It’s how the brain works. It is a machine that doesn’t stop thinking and making stories and possible outcomes. It never stops. It doesn’t even stop when you are sleeping. So, what you need to do is to direct your brain in a way where it starts working on finding ways out of the problem.

This alone will never solve your problem. There will be a lot of times when your brain will derail from its track. To keep the brain on track, you need to start reading. Read anything that shakes your mind and makes it work for you. That is how you enslave your mind and conquer yourself. Remember this all of this is a time taking process and would be easy to concentrate with a wild brain.

If you still find yourself being cornered out, then it is recommended to talk to other people who have conquered their fear. It’s only those who can help you, which have walked in your shoes and know what you are going through. Please note that their perspective will be different, approach to solving a problem will be unique but the problem you are facing will be the same as they have faced it. The solution might be right in Infront of your eyes and with just a little guidance and motivation you will be back on your track to self-improvement.

2. Develop the ability to brainstorm

Let’s talk about something more interesting. At one point or another other, all of us have heard the term brainstorming. Would you think it is? To me, it is something the same as it sounds. A brain that is in a stormy situation. Our brains can generate thoughts at an unimaginable rate. This is why we use the term brainstorming.

It means that you let your brain go free from every constraint and just think freely. If you're planning a creative strategy session with your Associates a brainstorming session, it can only happen if you're free from your ego and not holding back or worried about saying absolutely anything. Because anything you say, no matter how effective or silly it is, may generate a trigger for your brain to take it one step further.

Let me tell you about how the advertisements which you see on TV and in magazines get created. What do you happen when an ad is created? These are born after hours and hours of creative brainstorming where every member of the team comes up with an idea or concept and everything is written down. One idea builds on another idea and another and another and pretty soon a campaign is born out of the collective thoughts of that group.

3. Try to physically socialize

And very honestly, if you are doing everything which I have mentioned above and you still feel as if you are stuck in your life then you need to get out of your circle to socialize. Nope, please don’t do it on your laptop and social media. I am talking about physical socializing, where you get to meet people and interact on a human level.

Talk to people, listen to them, learn from them and reflect on what you have done. The moment you start feeling a personal connection with someone is the moment when you will leave your past in the past, along with all your problems. You will feel light. You will remember your problems but with these people around you and their positive energy, you will start feeling strong and worth it.

You will start being you and being in the present. You will still have your past but you wouldn’t carry its weight always. I am done writing for today. I will be waiting for you to share your thoughts in the comments.

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