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Mistake is a sign of becoming a Master

Are you afraid to make mistakes in your actions?

By Yash TrivediPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

My perspective!

I am not afraid to make mistakes because I know that it's a learning setback for me. It's a temporary fall as getting compressed like a spring and learning from the mistake then bouncing back with a new stream of energy to the next level of ourselves. I want to share my life experience about learning to ride a bicycle. Riding a bicycle is one of my hobbies and every weekend I used to go riding a bicycle. I was learning to balance myself while riding it and had made the mistake of taking a sharp turn at high speed which eventually disturbed my balance and I fell. I stood again with a lesson learned from my mistake and next time I was cautious enough while taking a turn with my bicycle. I have made an approach that a mistake needs to be made once and consider it as a learning opportunity but the same mistake will not be repeated in the future again. Repeating the same mistake will be considered a failure. I believe that we should not be afraid to make mistakes instead should make more mistakes as it's a trigger point for the growth in our life journey. It highlights that you need to Analyze the gap in your action. It will make you think of the ways for the betterment of your action. Mistakes resemble a circular loop where you are required to learn from your mistake and if you try to ignore it then after following a circumference path it will land you at the same point with the mistake. The solution for moving out of the loop is to accept and rectify your mistake.

Make mistakes if you want to grow

The mistake is a sign of becoming a master of the work you are acting upon. It highlights an alert to us that we are deviated from the correct path which will leave you once it's rectified. You will Analyze your mistake from the root level and have a command over it. Please don't hesitate to think beyond the process set and you might make a mistake while executing it. Please don't hesitate or restrict yourself as people around you will question you on your actions and will try to constrict you.

Please don't panic once you have made any mistake and in the first place, accept it as it's a starting point for you to learn new things. It's a request for you not to mask your mistakes and try to escape from them as acceptance is the trigger point for the beginning of the growth.

The giving gesture means making a habit of helping other people and not keeping any expectation for any return. I believe that what we give today will be reciprocated to me tomorrow with twice the amount. It's difficult to bring a smile to any person's face but put effort and you will do it.

Present thoughts in a gentle manner and never use a harsh tone instead convey your stand in a smart manner.

Participate & Celebrate Festival: I believe that I am solely responsible for driving happiness for myself and no object can generate it unless you opt from your inner soul. I have decided to celebrate each and every festival as it gives me happiness as I have started experiencing them. The celebration starts with kite flying then comes playing with colours which makes my life joyful in progress comes the festival of lights which enlightens my soul and it's time to say goodbye to the current year with Christmas Eve.

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