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Pleasure & happiness - simultaneous

By Kalina BethanyPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
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Kristen's ending of the #200 Challenge rendered me speechless.

The impact was not immediate, I'll admit. The feeling her 'vocal bliss' piece illustrated was emitted while laughing in the shower that dark and gloomy (turned blue and bountiful) morning.

It hit like a ton of unexpected bricks -

I am happy.

Ironic as I rush to complete this blog post a week later with teary eyes of frustrated sorrow. Each great idea I failed to document, seemingly erased from dissipating memories and replaced with flaming shame instead.

By Tools For Motivation on Unsplash

There must be a difference, then, between joy and happiness. Experiences of immense catatonic happiness coupled with the dread of simply breathing are not far from uncommon.

We engage in pleasurable means to achieve eventual suffering.

A simple quote to live by which captures this is the following:

Short term pleasure = long term pain

This unfortunate human pursuit may explain a surge of joyous sadness experienced today.

This got me thinking - do happy feelings positively correlate with accomplishing your dreams, by pursuing activities that enhance the probability them being achieved?

Not only this, but do acts of deliberate suffering against these values limit your ability to feel happiness and joy simultaneously?

By Brett Jordan on Unsplash

𓇻 The Dreaded Identity Crisis

While living in Kamloops, British Columbia (BC) for a year, I embarked on what would become the greatest identity crisis yet.

The need to explore the world and inner me inspired a spontaneous pitstop here while en route to Vancouver Island. It made this dream a sudden and shocking reality.

Tranquille Road towards Tranquille Ecological Reserve in Kamloops, BC (Kalina Georgettes)

Have you ever felt an immense sense of peace amidst inner turmoil and rapid thinking?

A vacation deemed necessity sparked this, along with needs to explore inner me - supporting eventual flow state creations. Moving away from your hometown and family helps, too - even for a year or just a few weeks.

By Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

From binge drinking and sleepless nights to forgotten souls forever tied, my identify felt the clash of the dark and light forces - as if the galaxy within became the Imperial Star Destroyer.

It was here where the crisis I lived through for most of my adult life was recognized - moments of pleasure causing long-term pain.

By Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

Finally, the mask was set free.

A life of meaning is what we're ALL destined to lead - feeling happiness and joy together conclusively.

Living by morals and values rewarded with eternal bliss and creativity.

𓇻 Disciplined Dreams through Values & Meaning

Joy and happiness are felt (at least for me) through acts of persistent discipline, aligning with your personal values and hidden dreams.

Dismissing your core beliefs only limits your being. Following your selfless desires guides you into the joy in all things - from happily obeying.

By Madison Oren on Unsplash

So simply follow your dreams

and remember...

Short term pleasure = long term pain

indulging in suffering.


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Thanks for reading this piece about finding joy and happiness through disciplined values and vacationing (more of both needed for me, please)!

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  • Kristen Balyeat2 months ago

    Kalina! I had taken a short break from Vocal and I think somehow your comment on my piece must have been lost in the list of notifications that I returned to. But I was so happy to receive it this morning when I went back to reference a link in that piece. I am incredibly honored to hear that you had such a profound reaction—and so grateful to you for writing this! I'm SO sorry to have missed your comment when you left it, but honestly, today I really needed to read these words, so somehow I feel the universe gave me this on a day when I truly needed it. I find it amazing how we have now both been given a gift of insight from one another at just the perfect time. Pure Magic! I resonated with your experience so deeply. Some beautiful truths in here! Thank you so much for sharing your story, and thank you for referencing my piece as well. Feel very humbled by this. Heres to forging the path through to joy and happiness! Sending lots of light your way!

  • Great work! There is a fantastic Stoic belief - "The Obstacle becomes the Way". It seems like through the frustration and tears (the obstacles), you are going through it to find that meaning! Keep on the path! You're doing awesome!

  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Well written !

  • sleepy drafts2 months ago

    These are some very thought-provoking reflections! I think there is definitely something to be said for stepping back and taking stock of your life every once in a while to make sure your values and actions are aligning. I can relate to those chapters when you notice you're unhappy because of a bit of misalignment with those factors and how that can inspire us to change accordingly. This was a great piece! Thank you for writing and sharing this! 💕

  • Muhammad Saad2 months ago

    Short term pleasure = long term pain My motivation for today ✨

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