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By eBook BasketPublished 9 months ago 7 min read

When I first learned about the law of attraction in 2016, one of the first exercises I found was the 369 manifestation method. Can I first pique your curiosity with a brief history lesson before we move on to how to apply this strategy to manifest?

I'd like to introduce you to Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor. The numbers 3, 6, and 9 were noted by Tesla as being "divine numbers" and he was quoted as saying: "If you knew the magnificence of the numbers 3, 6, and 9, you have the key to the universe." Tesla is renowned for his inventions such as the remote control and the Tesla coil as well as his spiritual enlightenment.

Tesla developed a theory that connected the powers of 3, 6, and 9, without delving too far into vortex mathematics, which was the inventor's area of expertise. He found that no matter how many times you split one, the result would always be a 3, 6, or 9 when studying circles (360 degrees, which is 3 + 6 = 9). He believed that the universe, nature, and the human blueprint all carried immense significance for these three numbers.

The numbers 3 and 6 are supposed to reflect our connection to the cosmos, our inner power, and our ability to let go of negative emotions, respectively, while the number 9 is said to assist us do just that.

How does the 369 manifestation technique actually operate then? In order to maximize your manifesting potential, light worker Karin Yee developed the technique I'm about to introduce you to below by fusing Abraham Hicks' principles with Tesla's methodology.


Grab a pen and a journal to start. For the next 33 days, you'll need these. Writing this down instead of typing on a laptop or phone would be my recommendation because there is tremendous power in putting pen to paper.

By imagining a single manifestation that lasts for 17 seconds, we'll start the procedure (usually around 2 sentences long). Why exactly 17 seconds? That seems like a random number I came up with, don't you think?

With the brain creating the energy of the thought we focus on for 17 seconds, Abraham Hicks' readings repeatedly highlight the importance of holding an affirmation for this amount of time. For instance, if we concentrate on the idea of love for 17 seconds, our brain begins to produce more and more of that energy, which in turn aligns you to that of what you are claiming.

How may your manifestation look? Everything here is dependent on what you want to draw into your life. The universe doesn't place restrictions on what you'd like to manifest, as long as it is safe for you, for others, and for the earth. This technique has assisted people in welcoming money, love, housing moves, and new employment.

Gratitude should come first in the manifestation, followed by feelings, and the phrase "into my life." For example:

I'm grateful that the universe cooperated with me to bring £10,000 into my bank account, which has given me financial independence and brought joy and excitement into my life.

It's important to choose words that will make the feeling and energy you wish to attract stand out. As you can see, I've chosen kinaesthetic terms like freedom, joy, and excitement—words that you can actually feel in your body.

Another example could be:

"I am so grateful that the world worked in my favor to help me attract my soulmate, bringing with it a profound sense of love, happiness, satisfaction, and an inner calm in my heart into my life."

It is ready to begin the first of 33 days of the 369 manifestation method after you have mastered your manifestation (17 seconds is roughly equal to the time it takes to write two phrases) and aligned your words to the energy you wish to attract and amplify.


Every morning as soon as you wake up, grab your journal. Write out your 17-second manifestation three times as it is now constructed. Focusing on how something will feel when it enters your life, rather than if it will, is the secret to being successful when manifesting anything.

Imagine the sense of money arriving in your life and how it will make you feel to see it patiently sitting in your savings account while your pen begins to scribble your dream onto paper. Or picture the love you'll have when your soul mate shows up and you know in your heart that they are the one.

Release your wish at this point, and have faith in the universe's magic. Don't let your manifestation keep you back as you begin your day. At this stage, we are aware that if you hang on too tightly, the universe will sense your lack and desperation and will not allow your manifestation to materialize.

Using this strategy on something you want to attract into your life but that doesn't important so much to you that you need it to show up right away may be the answer if you have trouble giving up control.


The next step is to pull out your journal again midway through the day, say during lunch, and write the same manifestation as above six times. Repeat the previous steps, immersing yourself in the energy of how it would feel, and picturing yourself fulfilling your wish.

When I am manifesting, I will frequently push myself to smile at first since it tricks the brain into improving mood and reducing stress almost immediately. A forced smile will soon turn into an organic one, especially when you express your desire in writing.


Finally, before going to bed, record your high-vibe manifestation from above in your journal nine times using the same technique you employed during the day. The first three scripts were to declare the intention to the cosmos, the next six to magnify it, and the last nine to solidify this manifestation.

It is understandable why this technique has proven to be so extremely effective for so many individuals by combining the power of the 369 manifestation method with Abraham Hicks' readings on the power of 17 seconds and energy alignment.


Make careful to speak in the present tense as if you have already manifested your goals. If you talk to the cosmos with phrases like "I will" or "I want," she will respond by giving you more of what you don't already have. Use the present tense when speaking and remember that your manifestation is already on its way.

Do not get fixated on your manifestation, as was already mentioned. The when and how are not up to you to decide; this is where divine timing comes into play and believing in the universe to know that your desire will be yours when your energy is prepared to receive it.

Have faith that your manifestation may materialize far earlier than the 33-day period! Once more, divine timing will ensure that your desires materialize when you are prepared to receive them. Do not lose hope if you have been waiting for magic to appear for 33 days and it has still not appeared. Release this into the cosmos and have faith that because you have claimed it, it will soon be yours.

Be dependable. You must set aside time each day to write three times in the morning, six times during the day, and nine times before you go to bed for this to be effective. Make time in your schedule and set an alarm so you won't forget to give this a high priority.

When using the 369 manifestation method, it can be challenging to align your energy with what you want if you sense negativity or self-doubt sneaking in. When questions start to creep in, give yourself some space, leave the approach, and list the doubts. Are they a belief or a truth? Do you need to let go of something you have no control over, or can you control the doubt and make a change? Can you rephrase it in any way? The goal is to feel in alignment with the amount you want to attract since for some people, manifesting money might bring blockages to the surface. Can you sit in the energy of what it feels like to manifest $1,000 if you find it difficult to sit in the spirit of £10,000? And repeat this process until you have used up all of your available resources? Give yourself time to recover. Note: Be sure to check out my money manifesting course right here if you want to fully grasp how to manifest money this year.

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