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What is art and life for them?

By Luwela AmorPublished 26 days ago 3 min read
Captured by Luwela Amor

Art is for everyone Masterpiece: A Gateway to Unseen Reality

As they say, art is the universal language. In the old era, mankind told stories through pictures drawn on trees. and cave walls. Thousands of years ago, artists relayed history through paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Art has become the way to restore the memories of the past.

"Art is my way to communicate with others."

A 20-year-old Fine Arts student, Robert Kyll Ciudad expressed that art became his way to express his thoughts, ideas, and feelings while showcasing his views on what is happening in the world. Through art, he can connect with people's emotions and feelings.

Ciudad wants to be an artist who has vision, an artist who has a purpose. A purpose to open the minds of audiences who were blinded by reality.

Since then, Ciudad has been good at art. Evidently, he has joined different competitions and won several times.

In his recent work, he dedicated this to himself titled "Entering the Wall". "This artwork is about the inner child within Kyll. There's a barrier between me and others that I'm trying to protect the child in me," he said.

Meanwhile, Ciudad believed that in order to fully understand the story of art, the audience's role is to know and identify the artist behind the art piece.

Luckily, Ciudad has not experienced any barriers or difficulty continuing his passion. His parents and sister were very supportive of the path he chose.

Now, he looks forward on the things he will do in the future, Ciudad still finds the medium and what kind of artist he is.

His messaged to his co-young artists is to explore the world of arts and do not be afraid to try new things.

As he believes that it will help them to grow, and develop their skills.

A sip of hardship

The life of a working student is never easy, it’s complicated. But most Filipinos choose this fate to support their studies and survive in life. Like a 2nd year Multimedia Arts student, a freelance digital artist, and now a staff member in a cafe, Yla Palec.

Palec is busy as a bee, working as a student, freelancer, and cafe employee. So, how did she manage to do so much?

She mentioned that before becoming a cafe employee, she worked as a crew member at a fast-food restaurant in 2019, but she quit because she wasn't ready at that time. Now, when the pandemic strikes, she has to go to a lot of job interviews. Luckily, she got her chance when her boss emailed her and saw the determination she had and her willingness to learn new skills.

"My work does not affect my studies since my workplace is fine. That's the only time I'm really struggling since I got home late at night, sometimes I'm tired and then sleep right away. That I will forget to do homework but I'm catching up," she said

When the pandemic spreads over the world, it creates significant changes and impacts various sectors, including some families' financial status.

Palec was one of the working students who were disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

Despite both of her parents having a job, Palec is in need and eager to work part-time to help her parents with their financial situation, especially in paying her tuition fee at a university.

According to Yla, one of the reasons why she worked hard was because she was embarrassed borrowing things from her friends or acquaintances like cameras, and school materials. So, she saves money to buy her own things.

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