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Embracing the power of ADHD

a story

By G. A. BoteroPublished 10 months ago 5 min read
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Once upon a time, in a world of constant hustles, social media stardom, and never-ending deadlines, where people seemed to never get left behind and never look back on their well-trodden paths, there lived a boy named Lenny. Young Lenny wasn’t like other children; he was usually referred to as “unique” or “different,” the nicer words that were used to describe him. You see, Lenny was different from most. The way his mind worked set him apart from the rest — a brilliant mind fueled by the extraordinary yet unidentified power of ADHD.

From an early age, Lenny’s thoughts danced like flickering flames, constantly shifting and sparking with boundless energy and creativity. It was not unusual for Lenny to go from jumping jacks to painting, and then from painting to laying out a full battle scene with his plastic green soldier, only to leave them mid-battle to play stoop-ball. This was all normal to Lenny. However, the world around him — his mother, and teachers — struggled to understand his vibrant inner world. The rigid structures of chores, neatness, the school system, and others’ expectations often left him feeling like a fool, a dummy, and an outcast.

For years, Lenny tried to be ‘normal.” He would fight the urge to move on to other things before finishing the task at hand. He tried to keep the colors within the lines of the coloring book, even when those lines seemed unnatural. Lenny regularly cried himself to sleep, especially on those days when he went from sitting in the corner for being jittery during class, to sitting in the principal’s office for not following the class assignments as dictated, and eventually getting the belt at home for misbehaving at school.

His mother would say, “If you continue this way, you will be useless in life” as she grabbed the folded belt from the kitchen drawer to begin her tough lesson.

Deep down Lenny knew he was different. He tried to fight the pressure to let his differences dim his fire, but on some days, he would simply remain silent and drag his feet throughout the day. Other times, with unwavering determination, he’d embarked on an uncharted journey of self-discovery. He sought to unravel the mysteries of his own mind, to understand the extraordinary abilities that he believed he shared with his comic book heroes.

Along his path, Lenny encountered kindred spirits who saw the beauty in his unique perspective, like the art teacher he had when he was ten, who encouraged his nontraditional designs.

“That is such an interesting way to visualize an elephant, Great work from a great imagination”

There was the bodega owner who would let him hang around for hours watching the other kids play video games, even though he never had any quarters.

“Don’t worry mijo, I know you don’t have money.”

There was his neighbor, Mary, a retired school teacher, who tutor him for free twice a week so he could do better in school.

“Remember, practice and you can overcome anything”

But most importantly, there was Dr. Gonzalez, who recognized the potential Lenny had within him. She taught Lenny how to navigate the challenges of what they called ADHD while embracing its remarkable strengths.

Dr. Gonzales revealed that ADHD wasn’t really a disorder; it was a superpower most didn’t understand. This hidden superpower was waiting to be harnessed and unleashed.

“Just like Spiderman had to learn to use his new powers, you have to train your mind to use yours. It is hard work but you can do it.”

Together, they delved into the world of ADHD, exploring and comparing the intricate workings of the brain with and without this unique superpower. Lenny discovered that his mind possessed unparalleled creativity, that could lead to astonishing achievements, and a relentless drive to explore new frontiers. At fourteen, Lenny understood that ADHD equaled an antidote to boredom.

Armed with the knowledge and techniques that Dr. Gonzalez taught him, Lenny developed newfound self-acceptance. He embraced his ADHD with open arms and leveraged his intense curiosity and ability to tackle complex problems that baffled his high school peers. His unique perspective allowed him to think in innovative ways, leaving both his classmates and teachers astounded.

Word of Lenny’s incredible feats spread like wildfire throughout his school, even capturing the attention of college recruiters. Through his success, he became a beacon of hope for countless other students with ADHD who had felt overshadowed. They realized that their differences were not shortcomings but a source of immense strength.

During college, Lenny decided to share his story, so he penned an open letter on Medium. In heartfelt prose, he detailed his journey of self-discovery, embracing his ADHD, and the transformative power it had brought to his life. His words resonated deeply with people around the globe. At this point, the appreciation for neurodiversity was beginning to take hold, and Lenny became one of the inspiring factors behind a wave of acceptance, and understanding.

The response was overwhelming. Messages flooded in from individuals who had felt unseen, unheard, and misunderstood. Lenny’s story gave them courage, instilling a newfound sense of self-belief. People began to celebrate their ADHD, recognizing the unique gifts it bestowed upon them.

Emboldened by the outpouring of support, Lenny continued his advocacy for those with ADHD and neurodiversity as a whole. His goal was to empower individuals with ADHD. He created online communities on many social media platforms, celebrating their strengths, nurturing minds, and embracing the power of neurodiversity.

And so, Lenny’s story spread far and wide, helping to ignite a global movement of acceptance and understanding. Through his determination and the power of his words, he became one of the main figures who changed the narrative surrounding ADHD forever.

In the end, Lenny proved that the journey to self-acceptance is not about conforming to society’s norms; it’s about embracing our differences, celebrating our unique minds, and uncovering the extraordinary gifts that lie within, no matter how difficult it may be. With open hearts and open minds, we can unlock the true potential of ADHD and create a world where every mind shines brightly, unencumbered by the limitations of social perception.

The end.


While this story is fiction, it contains many truths. ADHD greatly influences one’s upbringing, and working with ADHD instead of against it can make all the difference. If you have any ADHD resources, please share them in the comments.

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