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Building a Career Based on Your Passions

Knowledge gained through direct experience can provide an advantage because there are some topics that are better understood through practice.

By EstalontechPublished 2 months ago 5 min read

Some individuals harbor the dream of operating their own company, but they continue to procrastinate about taking the necessary steps to make this dream a reality. They are attending a never-ending series of lectures and seminars and are always learning new things about business.

This is due to the fact that they are concerned that they do not have the necessary clarity and that they worry that they will not be successful without it. It may be a mistake to put your dreams on hold and not pursue them at this very moment.

Before you begin to build a business, it is not necessary for you to have complete knowledge in all aspects of the business. There are never any assurances provided. There is only the effort involved. You can't possibly learn everything you need to know about running a business before you actually start doing it. There's just no way.

Every experience you have can be different from the others and teach you something new as you go along.

The reason for this is that there is theory, and then there is the actual task that needs to be carried out. If someone were to teach you about self-publishing, for instance, you would only have theoretical knowledge until you had successfully uploaded a book. After that, you would have both theoretical and practical knowledge

Knowledge gained through direct experience can provide an advantage because there are some topics that are better understood through practice. This causes a lot of people a lot of frustration because they struggle with it and have difficulty because they lack knowledge or they don't know how to accomplish tasks in business and they don't know how.

This leads many people to believe that they were never meant to be entrepreneurs or that they are somehow lacking some kind of unique quality that is required for the role. There is a possibility that neither of those is correct. There is no such thing as a natural-born expert in anything.

Everyone needs to advance in their level of knowledge. As you continue to mature, so too does your capacity to achieve new and impressive goals. When you repeat a process or work with something frequently, you will naturally become more skilled at it.

This is how knowledgeable people become so. Therefore, even if you are having difficulty in a certain aspect of your business right now because you do not have the complete knowledge necessary, that is not a sign that you should give up.

It is a sign that you should keep going because you will eventually be able to master it simply by repeating what you have learned over and over again.

It's possible that the fact that you're committing so many errors is giving you the impression that this will never be the case for you. On the other hand, learning from one's errors can be extremely beneficial. It has the potential to show you the things that you are doing well as well as the things that you might be doing that aren't contributing to your success.

Anyone who is interested in entering the business world will not struggle due to a lack of knowledge. Having the incorrect mentality is the primary cause of the problem. If you believe that you will never achieve clarity, then you will never achieve it.

However, if you keep working hard and believe that you can make progress, you will. You can maintain your trajectory toward achievement by compelling yourself to keep trying, even when you don't believe you have all the solutions to the problems you're facing.

We’ve all known people who seem to be a perfect fit for their jobs or their careers. Not only are they successful but enjoy what they’re doing with a passion. We’ve also known people who are successful but hate what they’re doing with a passion. What’s the difference? Which category do you fall in?

If your prime motivation is the bottom line then maybe it doesn’t make any difference as long as you’re making money and providing for you and your family a desirable lifestyle.

But, if you long for a job or career you can love and do with a passion then it may be a little more difficult.

True, some people just fall into their lifelong passion with little or no trouble at all. Maybe they grew up in the family business, never knew anything else or cared to learn anything else and found contentment staying close to the nest. However, this is not the norm. Most of us seek to fly out of the comfortable nest and fly over the fence to see if the grass is greener.

It’s never too early or too late to discover your passions and act on them but first determine what you’re passionate about. When you understand your own passions (and this is not easy matter) a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

Step back and take a close look at where you are now and what brought you there. Perhaps, you’re a plumber but long to travel. More than likely you’ll make more money being a plumber, but if you’re not happy each day and dread going to work, then the bottom line is not your motivating factor. See, you’re learning about yourself already.

Look at your passions from all angles. In the case of travel, is it really the travel you love or is it exploring new lands and meeting new people. You could meet new people and make new friends in all kinds of endeavors.

Meeting lots of people as a plumber is usually limited. Maybe you enjoy making travel plans and scheduling cruises and flights which could lead to a travel or tour business. It’s important to search your passions from different directions.

What you think your passions are could be just admiration of others who do what you think you would like to do. Would you like to become a writer but hate to sit down to a computer and write?

Do you admire a person who makes birdhouses for a living but you hate to be cooped up in a wood shop all day. Don’t confuse your passion with admiration. And be prepared for the realization that doing what you love will not always put bread on the table.

You can bet people who are working at whatever their passion spent long hours to get where they are today. But, if it’s truly your passion, getting there will be a joy. Explore your passions whether they’re a love of animals, gardening or photography and take these passions to the next step.

Learn all you can about your passion. Take a class or a course, volunteer or intern in the field you love. See where the path leads. It could lead you right back to where you were in the first place but you owe it to yourself to find out. Enjoy the journey.

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