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Always Measure Backward, Not Forward

How To Get Success In Your Life

By Motivational BucksPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Always Measure Backward, Not Forward - Why??

In our pursuit of success and progress, we often focus on setting goals and measuring our progress forward. However, an alternative approach suggests that measuring backward, reflecting on past accomplishments, and learning from our experiences can be a more effective way to drive personal and professional growth. By shifting our perspective and looking back at our achievements, we gain valuable insights, identify areas for improvement, and set a course for future success. This article explores the concept of measuring backward, its benefits, and how it can lead to greater achievements. In our quest for success and progress, we often find ourselves measuring our achievements and setting goals based on forward-looking metrics. We focus on the milestones we want to reach, the targets we aim to hit, and the future outcomes we desire. However, a counterintuitive approach suggests that measuring backward, rather than forward, can be a more effective strategy for personal growth and improved performance. This article explores the concept of measuring backward, its benefits, and how it can lead to greater success.

1. Reflecting on Past Accomplishments:

When we measure backward, we take the time to reflect on our past accomplishments and milestones. This reflection allows us to appreciate how far we've come, acknowledge our achievements, and gain a sense of satisfaction and motivation. By focusing on what we have accomplished, we develop a positive mindset that fuels our drive for future success.

2. Identifying Patterns and Trends:

Measuring backward enables us to identify patterns and trends in our past performance. By analyzing our successes and failures, we can uncover recurring themes, behaviors, or strategies that have influenced our outcomes. This retrospective analysis provides valuable insights into what has worked well and what needs improvement, guiding our decision-making in the future. Recognizing patterns allows us to make informed adjustments and optimize our approach moving forward.

3. Learning from Mistakes:

Looking back at our failures and setbacks provides us with valuable learning opportunities. By examining what went wrong and understanding the contributing factors, we gain insights into areas where we can grow and develop. Failure can be a powerful teacher, and measuring backward helps us extract lessons from our mistakes, enabling us to avoid repeating them and make better choices in the future.

4. Setting Realistic and Meaningful Goals:

Measuring backward helps us set realistic and meaningful goals. By understanding our past achievements and the progress we've made, we can set targets that are both challenging and attainable. Reflecting on past accomplishments gives us a clear perspective on our capabilities, allowing us to set goals that align with our strengths and aspirations. This approach increases our chances of success and ensures that our goals are in harmony with our values and long-term vision.

5. Building Resilience and Confidence:

When we measure backward, we build resilience and confidence. Reflecting on past successes reminds us of our ability to overcome challenges and achieve desired outcomes. This reinforces our belief in our own capabilities and strengthens our resilience in the face of future obstacles. The confidence gained from measuring backward propels us forward with a sense of purpose and determination.

6. Celebrating Progress:

Measuring backward provides an opportunity to celebrate our progress. Often, we are so focused on future goals that we forget to acknowledge the milestones we've reached along the way. Celebrating our achievements boosts our motivation, enhances our well-being, and fosters a positive mindset. Taking the time to recognize and appreciate our progress reinforces our commitment to ongoing growth and inspires us to reach even greater heights.


Measuring backward, reflecting on past accomplishments, and learning from our experiences is a powerful approach to personal and professional growth. By analyzing our achievements and setbacks, identifying patterns, and setting realistic goals, we gain valuable insights that inform our future actions. Embracing the concept of measuring backward allows us to build resilience, boost confidence, and appreciate the journey of progress. So, let us shift our focus, measure backward, and pave the way for even greater success in the future.

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    Nice read

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