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A Journey: Sexologist With Sex Problem To Sexologist For Sex Problem

Sexologist With Sex Problem

By Rajendra SinghPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Sexologist Deepak Arora, TEDx

Sexuality remains an integral aspect of human life, often hidden in secrecy and silence. We live in a society that often teaches us to neglect sexual well-being and always project a rosy picture.

Well, it is not all true and sometimes we need to find a better perspective and talk about these stigmatic topics.

A recent TedTalk introduced us to a shocking story of a sexologist doctor himself going through a sex problem. It was an interesting take and is worth mentioning.

As of today, he is a prominent sexologist in India, helping numerous people confront and conquer their sexual challenges.

The TEDx Talk

We have seen quite a few fascinating stories on the show but this one stood out for some reason.

Dr Arora's story stands as a testament to the power of personal transformation and overcoming societal stigmas and hence is hard to pass.

Deepak Arora, a young man, his journey commenced with a significant personal setback. On his wedding night, he encountered an issue that he was not anticipating.

What happened to him might shock you. The top sexologist today could not perform on his own wedding night. It began with his inability to maneuver ejaculation timings.

The frustration and shame he experienced that night were compounded by the skepticism and pressure. He could not think of anything else and was deeply affected. He kept trying but was failing every single time.

After this, he started avoiding his wife and declared himself the biggest failure. There was only darkness and his self-esteem was drowning swiftly. One fine day, he randomly came across an advertisement about a sexologist from Mumbai.

Dr. Arora, then residing in Chandigarh, booked the next train and reached his office. The sexologist smiled at him and explained the common nature of his sexual issue. He told him not to have high expectations and explained that he could not be a superhero just in a day. He also graced him with a few techniques and wished him well.

Dr Deepak went back and implemented the sexologist's advice. After successfully navigating the challenge, he went back to the sexologist to thank him.

The sexologist convinced him to pursue the subject and help other men who were going through similar situations. This experience marked a pivotal turning point in his life.

Dr Arora accepted his advice but soon hit obstacles and encountered the societal stigma associated with discussions about sexuality, especially within his family. As he divulged his career aspirations, he faced a lot of resistance.

However, he remained clear in his mission and was determined to break the barriers that are restricting open conversations about sexual health.

The incident ignited an aspiration that led him to pursue formal education in the field of sexual health and therapy. His educational journey took him abroad to the University of Michigan, where he enrolled in a comprehensive program.

Upon completing his education in the United States, Dr. Arora returned to India, equipped with newfound knowledge and an unwavering commitment to make a difference.

He established himself as a leading sexologist, providing a safe and non-judgmental space where individuals could seek guidance and support for their sexual concerns.

Dr Arora's journey from a man suffering from sexual dysfunction like PE to becoming a respected sexologist has been marked by resilience and empathy.

He has touched the lives of countless people, offering them the guidance, understanding, and therapy needed to lead healthier, happier sexual lives.

Bottom Line

Dr. Arora's remarkable journey from personal turmoil to professional excellence serves as a powerful example of the transformative power of determination and the importance of addressing sexual health without any shame.

Through his dedication, he has not only conquered his own challenges but has also paved the way for others in India to embrace their sexual well-being.

Dr. Arora's story reminds us that our greatest trials can be the foundation for our most impactful journeys.

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