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Your Body and Brain Do Not Need Whole Grains, Carbohydrates, And Fiber — Stop Believing The Scams

You’ve been led down the garden path your whole life thinking grains, carbs, and fiber are your friends — when they are not!

By Rob Hourmont Published 4 months ago 5 min read
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I’ve been practicing nutritional coaching for over 7 years. I’m still surprised by how surprised folks are when I tell them they need zero carbs, whole grains, or fiber.

Important update to this story: My new article explains why we do not require fiber with three highly respected Medical Doctors backing me up and explaining the facts in detail.

If you don’t believe me, feel free to argue with them, whether you are a Ph.D. or a non-expert layperson.

Ph.D.’s Lecturing Modern Nutritionists About Food Is Bad — You Do NOT Need Carbs or Fiber — Fact! Rob Hourmont

How the stories unfold:

But wait, they say:

“What am I supposed to have with my meals if I don’t eat pasta, rice, noodles, or bread?”

“Nothing,” is my short reply.

My longer one is:

“Eat more eggs and meat!”

My clients and readers say this all the time:

“It’s difficult not to eat any grains.”

I understand your feelings — I really do. After all, you’ve spent your whole life nursing your (unknown) food addiction with these staples and treats.

I get the same comments from all over the world. People think their country and traditional diets are the norms.

For example:

“How can you expect me not to eat rice? I’m Cambodian.”

Says my Cambodian girlfiend.

They say the same in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, India, China, Japan, Korea, etc.

It’s identical — worldwide!

"I’m French — how can I not eat bread and croissants for breakfast?"

"I’m Italian — you can’t expect me not to eat pizza and pasta!"

"I’m German — I can’t go without my bread dumplings and deep-fried “Schnitzels.”

Every country has its version of a grain-carbohydrate-fiber-based food.

It’s either rice and noodles or something made from white or brown flour.

As you can observe, every nation, culture, and people has the same problem as you.

Highly addictive grains, carbohydrates, and fiber are the base of their diet. Everyone is hooked and dependent on their next feast of grains and sugar!

We need carbohydrates for energy and our brain functions – that’s not true!

• No, you don’t. That’s a myth – let’s be blunt — it’s a scam.

• You’ve been led to believe it, but you sure as hell don’t need it!

• We are not born with a carbohydrate sugar-burning metabolism.

• The opposite — you’re a born protein and fat eater!

The amount of sugar in lactose-based carbs compared to the protein and fat in mother’s milk is negligible.

Note: Let’s remember what happens to carbs/sugar in your body. What is not burnt off is converted to fat and locked away in your triglycerides.

This ongoing process causes insidious weight gain and metabolic syndrome.

Society, culture, convenience, industry, and time have made carbs (and sugar) your No 1 staple food.

The reason for that? Grains are the most produced crops on the planet and are cheap!

“Corn is the most produced crop globally with 1.1 billion tons, followed by wheat with 760.9 million tons and rice with 756.7 million tons.” Farm Journal.

The food industry makes thousands of highly processed “food products” using cheap grains. They then sell them to you with profit margins as big as 2000%!

Everyone loves their cookies, crackers, cereals, bread, noodles, potato chips, and all the rest of the trashy junk food snacks.

The more you buy, the merrier. It’s cheap, satisfying, and filling stuff. And you keep coming back for more, day in and day out.

That’s the game, guys. Hook, eat, rinse, repeat!

And you continue this crazy cycle getting fatter and sicker by the year.

But I need fiber to digest my food!

Do you? Who told you that myth? Ever thought about that?

I’ll tell you who made that one up. Your favorite breakfast cereal founders, that’s who!

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”

The line “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” was invented in the 19th century by Seventh Day Adventists James Caleb Jackson and John Harvey Kellogg to sell their newly invented breakfast cereal.

Oh boy, did that slogan work or what?

How lobbyists made "breakfast the most important meal of the day:”

“In the late 19th century, in the middle of a general healthier living fad, that breakfast cereals got their start at sanatoriums founded by followers of the newly formed Seventh-day Adventist religion.”

“These religious health gurus opened sanatoriums and introduced people to vegetarian diets and eating bland, whole wheat as a way to counter ill health.”

“The first cereal, invented by James Caleb Jackson, and the better-known Kellogg’s brand, invented by John Harvey Kellogg, were both born at sanatoriums.”

“Jackson was a preacher, and Kellogg a religious man who believed that masturbation was the greatest evil, which bland, healthy foods like cornflakes could prevent.” TheGuardian.com

And there you have it, my friends.

That’s how cereal and wheat-based foods were engrained in people’s brains as a “must-have” healthy food.

For fanatical religious reasons, centered around the notion that “masturbation was the greatest evil.”

How disturbed does that make you feel?

Back to Fiber

The mainstream has spent decades promoting fiber as healthy and necessary for digestion and gut health.

The goal → sell more high-fiber foods → grains = carbs = sugar –> PROFIT!

Fiber, grains, carbohydrates, food, pharma, health, and insurance industries are all interlinked with each other to make big bucks from you.

“Newer, more objective research is showing that dietary fiber is often unnecessary. And it might even be harmful.” Doctorklitz.com

Brain & Glucose

Your liver produces adequate glucose for your brain to function optimally.

The liver harvests amino acids, waste products, and fat byproducts, which it converts to glucose and supplies to your brain.

The process is called gluconeogenesis. UCSF.edu

Final Thoughts

Don’t eat what your food eats!

Instead, do what your body is designed to do:

Chew, ingest, and process a diet primarily composed of animal products–meats, organs, marrow, eggs, select lectin-free vegetables, and vitamin-packed herbs and spices.

That’s all you need to spice up your life, stay lean and healthy, and most likely live longer too.


MBA from Robert Kennedy College & University of Cumbria, UK.

Certified Nutritionist & Health Coach | Trainer | Blogger | Copywriter | Author

Please subscribe to my blog for the best health, fitness, food, and lifestyle information: www.robshealthcrunch.com

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  • Scott Christenson4 months ago

    Yes, agree that's there's far too many simple carbs in an american junk food diet. The amount is a large McDonalds meal is amazing. I went the other way with a low-gi/low carb diet for 3-months, but lost too much weight no matter how much salmon & olive oil I ate, so now trying to aim for something in the middle.

  • Staringale4 months ago

    I totally agree with you. As student in the field of medicine I can agree with you even in our side this issue is faced by many and we need to enforce the concept that proteins and fats are not bad infact ketogenic meal is a healthy choice because it is both neuro-protective and muscle-building whereas on the other hand carbs are just for filling the stomach and giving sugar rush. This was a much needed article to raise awareness. Looking forward to more of your medical related articles.

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