What Is Chi?

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What is prana?

What Is Chi?

Chi is the life force that permeates every living thing on this planet. Chi saturates everything, just like the Force in Star Wars. Prana is another Sanskrit term for this life force. When you practice yoga, you are moving the energy in your body to an end, such as holding the pose. If you stop breathing or breath in an off way, you lose the pose and fall over. Yoga is a discipline that helps you still your thoughts like water in a pond. One minute the water is chaotic, the next minute the water has found a way to stop rippling.

In martial arts, you call on chi to make your kicks strong, and effortful. You use chi to learn how to lift heavy boxes or objects. I can bench press 55 pounds with my chi alone. I’ve managed to push a heavy dumpster down one long driveway to the end of that driveway. Chi is what allows me to move objects with my mind or my own energy, or whatever it is that drives my TK. Nothing makes me more stressed than my TK manifesting. I avoid people so thoroughly these days, because the more time you spend around me, the more my psychic talent manifests itself.

Chi is all about energy, whatever you call it. This type of energy is what keeps your body alive, since your body is saturated in it. When chi is disrupted by psychic attack for example, you feel depleted and unable to function. When somebody feeds off of life force energy instead of sunlight or clouds, it is noticeable that they feel better while you feel worse since the feeder is busy trying to siphon your life force. Sometimes, when somebody complains to you, you get fed off from while somebody who doesn’t complain gives their energy away, such as in my situation.

In fact, I’m so avoidant of other people and my abilities that I stay home a lot. Really, it is to the point of paranoia. I don’t want my abilities to manifest. I had to dump the ex and a friend because they saw too much and one didn’t take her medication which counts as endangering my health. When I’m around untreated people, I feel that I have to protect myself double. I’m successfully preventing anybody from feeding on me this time. Untreated people with any illness are not always aware of how they affect others

Prana can occasionally flow from one person to another when that person is imbalanced. If somebody takes more prana from the victim, the person taking is getting all the energy. This can make a vampire victim feel sucked dry. Yoga is about raising kundalini or prana to get your energy flowing. At one point yoga was taking care of my anxiety. The Qigong and Tai chi I’ve studied helps me focus my energies. I have to be wary of how I affect other people with my energy. As it is, the only tools I have available to manage my energy flow is my medication. I also need proper training with the understanding that I can only focus my energy using my medications. My ability to bend metals with chi, for example, comes from intense energy build up. When I’m wound up or stressed out, metals bend. I have a picture of a door knob in case anybody wants to see that or perhaps needs to see it in person. My psychokinesis can easily affect my car if I’m not careful as I melted down a plastic part belonging to my printer .The more anxiety I get, the more stuff bends. That is the only link I’ve found.

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How does it work?
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