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Tarot card deciphering - magician

by liming 3 months ago in spirituality
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Carlo card magician decrypts

Cards meaning: creativity, communication, communication, skill, mastery, everything ready, new plan, initiative.

Card description: the magician holding the right hand of the scepter pointing to the day, the left index finger pointing to the ground, he himself is the bridge to communicate the heaven and the ground. On the table in front of him are the four elements, the scepter, the Chalice, the sword and the coin, as well as the four decks of tarot cards. He wears a bright red robe that symbolizes passion and initiative, and a white undershirt that symbolizes purity and wisdom. Wrapped around his waist is a green snake, which is often a symbol of evil, but here represents wisdom and inspiration. The magician has an inverted eight on his head, representing infinity. Red roses in front and above the picture symbolize passion and white lilies symbolize wisdom. At this point, everything is ready for the magician to begin his new plan. The same bright yellow background as the Fool card indicates the possibility of future success.

Brand meaning deduction: magician number 1, it is the beginning of all the numbers, but also represents the number of communication. In the seventy-eight cards, the magician plays the role of the link between the size of the cards. Also, in astrology, the magician card belongs to Mercury, representing intelligence and communication. Therefore, in actual divination, the magician can represent all matters relating to communication. Magician is articulate, fluent writing, clear thinking, full of social skills, is able to "clear, explain" expert role. The magician is a very active and active card with masculine power. His actions were clearly thought out, and he acted with assurance and confidence.

The scepter, chalice, sword and coin in front of him represent the four elements, which in Western culture are equivalent to the Chinese five elements (wood, metal, water, fire, earth) and are the basic elements of all things. Since the four elements are complete, the magician will play his organizational power and creativity, to transform the elements into something substantial. The progress from the fool's nothingness zero to the magician's one is the transformation of abstraction into substance. Therefore, the magician this card shows the concept of "the dream into the substance", he not only build a dream, and steadfast, with a promising beginning.

Tarot magicians tend to be medieval magicians, alchemists, or charlatans. They have all kinds of skills, they are proficient in everything, they can turn everything into gold, so this card on the divination also shows that the person has sufficient skills to solve the task. It is worth mentioning that Waite has mentioned in his work that magicians also represent "illness, pain, loss, disaster" in divination, which often confuses learners. In fact, if the magician as the ancient quack, this problem is easily solved, because the quack is the ancient people sick or adversity consultation object. In modern terms, magicians are the equivalent of doctors, psychologists and alternative therapists. In fact, in divination, a magician means that it's a good time to start a new project, that the person involved is ready. Magicians encourage you to use your language and communication skills, use existing skills, and add new ideas to practice your ideas. Take the initiative and stay focused when it comes to style.

The wand in the magician's hand is like a baton, which directs energy. Good energy guidance, can get twice the result with half the effort; Wrong guidance is not only useless, but harmful. The inverse position of the magician may make this mistake, energy guidance error is the wrong place, the original quite a charlatan, at this time become a charlatan, with his tricks cheat the world, so the inverse magician may say fraud fraud. In addition, when the table is inverted, all four elements fall off, and roses and lilies cannot grow downward. At this time the magician is no longer an expert, but no ability no creative second-rate role. He lacks enthusiasm and action, self-confidence and determination, and becomes unintelligent, incompetent and uncommunicative. Sometimes the inverted magicians lose their ability to direct energy, leading to a situation that is out of control and out of control. In health, because the nervous system is the center of human information transmission, so the magician inverse may indicate neurological or psychological diseases.


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