Simple Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

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Improve your brain efficiency and power.

Simple Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

For many years, it was believed that a loss of brain function was inevitable as we grew older. It was thought that neurons stopped forming new pathways and brain cells began dying off even in early adulthood.

Today we know that it's possible to increase your brain power at any stage of life for better focus, improved memory, and clearer thinking. But your brain must be maintained and exercised in order to improve its performance.

Here are some simple ways to boost your brain power.

Keep learning.

This is one of the chief functions of the human brain. Just because you've completed your formal schooling or mastered your trade doesn't mean you should stop making an effort to learn more. Educating yourself throughout your life improve you memory and keeps your mind sharp.

Learning more job skills will improve your mind and your career. You could sign up for educational courses, but it isn't necessary if you don't want to. Study what makes you happy. Learn to play a musical instrument, or speak a foreign language. Take up a hobby that challenges you, such as chess or robotics.

Use your brain.

You increase your brain power by developing new neural pathways. Instead of taking the easy way out, bring more intellectual challenges into your life that force you to think in new ways and use other parts of your brain.

Try doing common activities like brushing your teeth or brushing your hair with your non-dominant hand, or in the dark. Cook new dishes you've never tried before, or listen to music you wouldn't normally listen to. Follow online debates or webinars on subjects you aren't familiar with. Make a project of something you aren't used to doing, whether it's building a table or planting an herb garden.

Do more puzzles. Try basic math problems in your head instead of reaching for a calculator. Even simple reading can improve your brain function.

Take care of yourself.

Your brain is just as much affected by proper exercise as any other bodily function. In order to develop healthy habits, find a physical activity that you enjoy doing. Go for long walks or bike rides. Join a fitness club where you can do aerobics, lift weights, swim, and other activities. Invite friends or family to join you for a game of tennis or racquetball.

Plan healthy meals. Cut down on all the junk foods in your diet. You can also buy supplements especially made to improve brain function. Neuro Peak, for example, includes compounds like huperzine and bacopin known to support organic brain function.

Try to get your seven-to-eight hours of sleep each day. Find ways to relax. You could try meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, or just watch some YouTube videos that make you laugh whenever you feel stressed.

Develop a healthy social life.

Maintaining a wide social circle is also good for reducing stress and improving the mind. Lively and interesting conversation, empathy and dealing with emotions, or the opportunity to discover new interests come through interaction with others.

Join a group that aligns with your interests, such as a political group, charity, or historical society. Being around other people is a source of intellectual and emotional stimuli that will help to keep your mind sharp and develop better emotional awareness.

And along the way, you'll encounter many unexpected challenges, sharpen your social and speaking skills, and make some new friends. Conversely, isolating yourself can lead to boredom, stress, and intellectual stagnation.

As with any course of making changes, good habits must become part of your regular routine. Self-discipline isn't so important if you discover activities you find pleasant. Good health and frequent stimulation will boost your brain power throughout your life.

Paisley Hansen
Paisley Hansen
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