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Simple Things that Actually Extend Your Life

by Shinji Kazuma 5 years ago in advice / aging / body / how to / list

Life may be short, but there are a few very simple things you can do right now to help extend your life span.

We all know we have one life to live, and the inevitability of our doom always hovers over us, teasing us with the prospect of living longer. You hear many complicated, unpleasant "secrets" to long life on health radio and television. Special elixirs that taste horrendous but help you live longer. Cutting out all meats from your diet.

But the truth is that longer life is very much within our reach. There are certain things that people often don't do that can help you live longer. Life may be short, but there are a few very simple things you can do right now to help extend your life span.

Try to Stay Positive

Mind over matter. Hear that phrase before? It stands true. Studies show that people with depression and other related depressive syndromes sport shorter life spans. This is for numerous reasons, but, to avoid all those complications, try to fight depression.

If you have depression, anti-depressants are a must. Sunlamps are another useful tool. But, ultimately, you need to surround yourself with positivity. It will raise your spirits in a manner that will keep you pumping.

Keep Your Mind Sharp

One key issue that a lot of people deal with as they get older is that they are no longer challenged mentally. You may fall into a routine, and that would lead to falling into a spiral.

It is best that you keep your mind sharp. Read books. Learn new things. Keep learning. It may seem like a small thing, but it is amazing how a sharp mind can increase your health and your quality of life. You can make healthy decisions with a sharp mind. Such as...

Don't Smoke

Here's an obvious one.

The average lifespan of smokers is ten years shorter than those who don't. If you aren't smoking, then your life is already going to be longer. But another thing you can do is stop smoking if you are smoking currently. While this will not make you an immortal, stopping smoking now will greatly expand your potential for a longer life.

Go for a Walk

I am not saying you need to lose weight. You don't have to run a marathon. But a 30 minute walk on a regular basis (multiple times a week) will put you in far better health. This is about keeping your muscles and organs strong. Keep your lungs active. Your heart powerful. These are the core organs you need to keep living, so take care of them.

Lift Weights

No one is going to force you to turn into a hulking mass of muscle. However, regular weight lifting can increase skeletal muscle strength and bone density, which will keep you fit and strong into old age.

And yes, weight lifting in your later years is even more important. Studies show that sixty-year-olds who lift weights regularly possess the strength of those 30 years their juniors.


When we sleep, the body heals. The body can recover and rebuild parts of ourselves that had started to crumble apart. When we're younger, we can live off three hours, but, as we get older, we need more time to recover and heal.

Regular sleeping patterns are essential to remaining healthy into old age. If you can recover from a trying day, you can live to see a tomorrow beyond your expected life span.

Take in Omega Fatty Acids

Omega Fatty Acids are chemicals that can boost your health. I know the words "fat" and "healthy" don't tend to overlap in most people's minds, but these can really boost your health. They are known to prevent cancer, help avoid blood clotting in your arteries, and reduce heart failure.

While Omega Fatty Acids are available in most fish, due to the high mercury count found in fish, it might be healthier to take them in pill form.

Health Supplements

The average person doesn't get all the nutrients they need in their daily meals. This is unfortunate, but true. While more food may be a more appealing prospect, perhaps it would be wiser to instead add some health supplements to your regular regimen.

These supplements would help keep your body fit and strong so you can keep on striving through life. And no, don't just get Flintstones gummy vitamins. I mean real supplements.

Dental Health

Brushing and flossing may not appear to be the keys to a long life, but they are incredibly important steps to stave off gum disease. Yes, gum disease can shorten your life. It can help you get sick.

While brushing and flossing may seem like a small thing to extend your life span, it is an important one. Not to mention an easy step to a longer life.

Be Charitable

Ever feel satisfied helping someone out? That's because doing good actually releases endorphins in the brain that make you feel good. All that good will will boost your quality of life...

And keep you alive longer.

The chemicals released in your brain when you do a good thing for someone also benefit your organs and health. Especially when you're a senior. Studies show seniors who lead charitable, active lives as they're older live longer.

Have Lots of Sex

Prostate cancer in men can be prevented by one completed orgasm every week. A healthy sex life can have other benefits, too, but keeping up your sexual life can be a good way to keep yourself both fit and energetic.

Not to mention that, by orgasming, we are able to release chemicals throughout the body that keep us youthful.

Own a Pet

Depression can take a toll on a person as they grow older. It can wear you down, keep you from springing into life with the same vigor. Which makes it necessary to keep company.

But maybe you aren't super social. In that case, buy a pet. Taking care of another life can stave off depression from overwhelming you, which will benefit you. Plus, dogs need walks, which forces you to take regular walks.

See Friends and Family

Don't have the money to take care of a pet? Maybe allergic? That's fine. Just spend time with people who matter.

Aside from the obvious fact that their positivity will keep you energetic and lively, friends can sometimes spot if something is wrong with you, which can alert you to potential health risks. Think of them as positivity lamps, shinning happiness from every pore, and alarm clocks for potential heart attacks on the horizon.

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