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Setting Boundaries With Your Ego

Are You The Cause Of Your Own Downfalls?

By AdonShar For RealPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
Setting Boundaries With Your Ego
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Our Ego

Do you ever feel like your ego gets the best of you? If so, how do you deal with these issues? We all can be a little over bearing at times when it comes to our ego.

There have been instances were we can be some consumed that we don't realize how much it plays a big part in our life. We don't even realize that the ego can set up up for failure. It can even destroy how we view other people in our lives.

Having a big ego can give us poer that we are not ready to handle. We can even have strange and hurtful outburst where we want to lash out on others and not give a care about the consequences.

The results for wanting to speak without thoughts to others emotions or feelings can one day leave us in regret. Watching someone suffer, hurt, or be belittle for pure pleasure is can not be an honest living.

What happens when one day some decides to take those same actions on you? The ego can be manipulated in so many ways. Limiting your pathway to further growth.

Setting Boundaries With Our Ego

Is that even possible to have limits on how your ego acts? In reality, yes we all have choices on how we want others to view us. If we go in a direction to abuse our power just to get a reaction out of someone, does it make the outcome right?

The person you could be harming for pleasure can have more issues than you know. Breaking down there walls and trying to have someone act out in a way you seem fit should not be a wise idea.

A wise one would chose to set boundaries within themselves to prevent the ego from such outburst. The ego can be full of envoy, jealous, and even hate. These factors depend on the person who is trying to make you change, and get a different outcome.

Don't allow yourself to be hurt by the new you. Set your ego in aside for a moment and remind him/her that you are in charge. You have control of the final outcome and no one can change how strong you are.

If you have a small perspective of yourself, and know that your ego is hindering your from expanding. Take the time to set boundaries with your mind, your heart, and uplift your voice to another level where you can honestly listen to the messages you are trying to get out.

Life Lessons:

Backing your ego up can be helpful to you. I have learned that my ego limited me in my work field. I overworked, with little time to enjoy the day. I became one with my surroundings and saw change in the present.

Sticking to a traditional belief system changed my thought patterns. The old customs and way of living life helped balance my ego. I learned to be confident in who I am and not beat myself up for the new me.

There was a time that my passion for the big things I couldn't imagine. Now I see that when I put my ego aside, I see things much clearer. The little things eventually become great gifts.

As you humble the ego and set boundaries your life seem to get easier. The hard times and stress you once lived are no longer holding me back. If you live for the present and work towards the future, you'll see plenty of positive outcomes.

How can you help others to get on track?

Finding like minded individuals can help you stay focused. The ego can trap many of us. When we have others that understand us, it can ease your problems and shorten the load on your back.

Do not pressure yourself to be something your not. Let the ego know that you are ready to change and its not in you to lack self-esteem behaviors or patterns.

Please only yourself and not anyone else!

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