Self healing

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Giving myself a brake

Self healing

I felt the need to create this post because now more then ever, us humans need a little more extra attention spent on ourselves. With everyday life’s activities our schedules get so hectic that sometimes we neglect our own physical being needs. Have you ever ran in to a busy human and they are all over the place and you ask them if they meditate? And they reply with; “whaat? I don’t have time for that! Look at my schedule!” Lol! This actually used to be me!!!

Well, first let’s look. What is meditation?

Meditation to me is doing something that doesn’t require my hard attention. Or anything you love to do that will make you happy. It can be like walking, drinking your tea, playing your favorite sport, doing your favorite thing, reading, writing. Dancing. Creating anything. Listening to any sound. It can be anything that puts you at ease. It can even be listening to the sound of your air conditioner. Lol

I speak of this because I was one of my worst enemies. I was so busy thinking about busy things that I didn’t even know that I was living in pain. I was actually living with anxiety. The thing about having anxiety, you don’t know that you are have anxiety until you find yourself in repetitive actions and feelings of a big heavy ball in your stomach and a bunch of knots tied to your throat. This brings feelings of fear and blockages. Feelings of loneliness. It all starts with building of thoughts. And the thought just builds if you don’t change it. Ah, the strength of being a human! We can handle so much!

Anyway, back to meditation or should I say (giving yourself some time to just be). Think about if you keep a computer on all the time and never shut it off. Eventually, it will need to restart. Eventually it will need to be updated. Our bodies are the same way. We cannot have clarity until we have connected to our main source of energy and disconnect from everything. The ironic thing about about disconnecting from everything? It connects us to everything without the attachments! It is the most fascinating thing I have ever experienced.

The thing about giving yourself a brake, you realize that you are you. You find your clarity. You find your own perspective that is to your highest good. You learn self love. It starts with self love. Everything heals with self love. Love brings acceptance. Acceptance brings change. Change brings out the best version of yourself in forever changing and growing.

We are souls having human experiences. We have to connect to our source and disconnect from the physical realm in order to just be soul. After all, we are soul. We are infinitive. We know that there is a life force within us that exists. Without this life force the body is dead. For example :Even if the body is kept alive because of the machinery but there’s no life force (brain) or (consciousness) in the being, then the body is still considered dead and it Is only when the soul goes back in to the body, that the body becomes alive (conscious) again. We see this in a lot of out of body experiences. There’s many many recorded stories of out of body experiences. And many of them come from doctors, cases that the patient has seen them do surgery on their bodies as well as explaining exactly what the doctor has done.

anyway, back to Giving yourself a brake…Most worries come from the physical realm so when you disconnect and just become your soul, your mind will let go of all worries and your body will let go of that big heavy knotted ball in your stomach. This happens automatically! Our mind is connected to our bodies. This is to say that our thoughts control the vibration that our bodies are vibrating on. They are connected. And vise versa. The body’s feelings can influence the mind as well. For example; if we don’t eat healthy our body will be weak and this will put your thoughts in a “not so positive” frequency. It all starts with giving yourself time to just be soul and being nice to your body!

I saw that; as I was doing meditation everyday I was changing. I was becoming more self-aware. More compassionate. I changed my diet. More alert. More creative. More open minded. More authentic. I had clarity. Independence. More energetic. I started to feel the difference at being at ease (meditation) and being uncomfortable. I started to be picky with the energies I surrounded myself with. I started to like being at ease more and more and I started doing more things that were putting me at ease!

This kept taking me to a better life. Then I thought, “wow! All I have to do is have fun and do things that keep me at ease with ease” I said “wow, I was making it complicated the entire time and all I have to do is give myself some time to just hear myself breathe and forget about thoughts, every single day”

This was the revelation of my own experience! I made self healing as one of my very first post on my website because I cannot emphasize this enough!!

Healing is the most important thing you can do for yourself! Healing is a continuous practice. We are always healing. Wether we realize it or not we are always healing. We are always learning. Learning is healing. Being self aware is healing. Self love is healing. Sitting in meditation and excepting all your past self and understanding all your lessons from them, is healing. Self acceptance is healing!

I realized that it was only when I stopped judging myself that I was able to go back to memories and traumas. It was only when I went to my traumas that I was able to see them in a different perspective. It was only when I saw them in a different perspective that I was able to heal. I realized that the guilt I was feeling was put there because of some belief that I was programmed with. I realized that the trauma has nothing to do with the current version of me. I released many many of them. I let go of them forever. I realized that I was a completely different being and my past no longer defined me. I came to all this awareness in having alone time everyday dedicated to only spoiling myself.

….. and so my dear soul friends, I found my forever joy. I found my true self. I found my soul growing through spirit and experiencing through my physical body! I am trinity! I am spirit, soul & body all in one! I am a grateful human! Loving myself started with “giving myself a brake”!

Zheni De
Zheni De
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