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Sedentary Lifestyle: A Curse

by ishwa iqbal 3 years ago in health
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Obesity doesn't run in your family. The problem is that no one runs in your family!

The Curse of Sedentary Lifestyle!

Since my medical school teacher introduced me to this smartphone application to track my daily footsteps, I have realized how much of a couch potato I am! 10,000 steps are apparently my daily target; ten is what I actually make. Too little? Let’s count it to 100 to make it sound less dramatic.

However, this, my dear friends, is a hard-to-swallow pill. Surprisingly, when I look around, I see almost everyone living a similar lazy lifestyle. This era of technology promises to make our lifestyles better, but the word “better” is a misnomer here! With the misuse of this technology, we are ruining our lifestyles. The enigma is that the more we are getting advanced, the lazier we have become. This sedentary lifestyle is creeping into our roots and will leave us to rot if we don’t take emergency measures!

Is It Justified to Call Sedentary Lifestyle a Curse?

Well, calling a sedentary lifestyle a curse is more justified than anything. It is spreading worldwide like some contagious disease. According to some research, only 21% of adults follow the "physical activity guidelines," whereas less than 5% of the population exercises daily for 30 minutes. These figures are alarmingly low!

A sedentary lifestyle poses major health problems, many of which have already become an epidemic. Some very obvious and major health concerns include:

  • Increased obesity, and obesity is the root of all health problems
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis
  • High cholesterol levels and hypertension
  • Increased risk of Diabetes Mellitus
  • Increased levels of stress and anxiety
  • Increased risk of certain cancers
  • Reduced muscle mass due to disuse atrophy

And, what not! The list is never-ending, and if we continue to live like this, much more will be added to it. All these reduce your productivity and work stamina resulting in a decline in quality of life. Set aside the worsening relationships, mood disorders and the ultimate feeling of being a failure! These are not minor concerns. Over 50% of Americans who commit suicide suffer from depression. Now you know why I call sedentary lifestyle a curse! This is where it all begins!

What Has Led Us to Live a Sedentary Life?

The answer might not be singular, but a simple one indeed! We have let technological advancements and laziness rule over us. Our fake standards for a rich and lavish life have made us weak. We prefer a classy ride in the car over a healthy walk to the store. Watching a football match on TV has become more entertaining than playing one. Fruits and vegetables? NO! Burgers and pizzas? YES!

Office jobs have increased. Robots are taking over our roles. Computers are ruling over man, and man’s health is at stake!

Breaking the Curse!


Come back to nature! Morning walks, walk to the store, walk to your office, prefer bicycles over the bus, go to the gym and do whatever it takes. Make your health your first priority, because this is what aligns everything else. Make healthy use of technology.

Breaking the curse of sedentary lifestyle is a whole new topic and out of the scope of this article. But, the principle is very simple. You do not need to buy a so-called "better lifestyle" at the cost of your health!


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