Radical Honesty Challenge

as created by Maya Asante Freelon

Public Service Announcement.


What are you? Really? Who are you? We get so caught up in the matrix that we treat ourselves the same way we treat others. An empty “Good morning self," or worse “It's morning self, you have to live again. No luck peacefully dying in your sleep.” You get up, go through the motions. Watch the things. Eat the things. Clean the parts. See the day. We get so complacent, we miss the small miracles, and frequently when they are noticed, they are just sifted through the programming. How you “should” feel and react when a pleasantry happens. Think about how you FEEL, how you actually feel when you watch or experience negativity.

Are we addicted to anxiety?

In a world where we are addicted to antipsychotics (against, mind, related), they are a billion dollar mind numbing industry. So much so that we grab onto the things that make us crazy so that we get prescribed escape from a life of lack.

  • Do you LIKE reality tv?
  • The way a baby loves its toes?
  • The way a child loves ice cream?
  • Does it make you purely happy?

Or does it latch onto some unnatural need for turmoil? Are you addicted to the madness of the media, the negativity forced into the atmosphere by those who profit most from imprisoning in the shadows of your own anxiety? Anxiety that breaks true human connection causes illness and feeds greed and fear. There's always something more, something better than what you have and if you can't have it, then what you do have is destined to betray you.

Litmus Test

  • How do you react when positivity surrounds you?
  • Do you smell the flowers of a garden?
  • Do you play along with an open imagination when a child invites you into their world?
  • When something positive happens where does your mind go? Stress? Jealousy? Coming up with negativity to season the positive with?

This has been conditioned to us. I notice that the system has gotten smarter. People of color scream, “No more Whitewashing! It makes us angry.” In response, somehow more completely ridiculous washing happens and ideas of beauty are sold to an underrepresented community. I was disappointed, not excited, that there was a woman of color representing a makeup company. “Now young women of color have someone to look up to!” Yes, who looks like them, telling them to buy products so that they can feel pretty... to be “worth it.”

Litmus Test 2

  • How do you feel? In all that make up? As pretty as a three year old in her daddys' shoes?
  • When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Your flaws? Or your assets?
  • Do you look in to your own eyes? Or just how they're dressed?
  • Are you happy without any mirrors?

The things you have. That degree. That job, the house, the Benz.

Do you feel whole?

If you lost it all where would that leave you?

Are you comfortably floating in between things? Do they rule you? ALWAYS a clean car. A clean house. New furniture. The next phone...

Are you a slave to material?

Erase the need to use things, to impress others, or yourself.

Assume that your contribution is appreciated at soul level. How you help others in your field. How you make others feel. How you make this world a better place. Assume that you are appreciated for the warmth and genuineness of your smile rather than how it looks...

To BE rather than to SEEM.

To Be Happy, rather than to Seem Happy.

If you are lucky to be doing what you love... LOVE IT!

If you aren't... change it.

We have been fooled into thinking we need things to make us happy. We are so blind, that when we get the “things” and we still aren't happy we think, “Oh! Must need more!”

But what we need is less.

Less material.

Less drama.

Less demands of ourselves.

More love.

More time with the people we love.

More forgiveness.

More passion.

This is the answer, less material, judgement, and stress. More love, sharing and smiling.

To Continue:

Your EGO is your lower Consciousness. Protecting, so it thinks, the body and itself.

Your BODY, which is your Earthly home, is Perfect because it was given to you by the Cosmic, for the Evolution of your SPIRIT.

Opposite? Let's just consider it for a moment.

Your Body is absolutely capable, being one with the Multiverse.

Your Consciousness is actually the Foreign Body. The newest experiment of THE ALL as it attempts to examine itself from within.

Your Ego is is your Doubting Thomas...

“Prove it to Me.”

Your Body is your God, I Am so I AM.

“All you really need at any point in this realm is to call the Multiverse into your Consciousness to relax the Ego and trust the Body.”

We have been fooled into hating our Bodies, but they are our Earthly Gods. It is why we always try to reassign gods in our image.

Because our body is god.

It fixes itself.

It runs on its own.

No need for the Conscious Ego at all really.

No need for it other than to think... about... breathing.

Breath is the only body function that we have a choice to control.

When we unite, YOKE, the the Body and Mind, the Yin and Yang, the God and Consciousness through Yoga or Meditation, we are balanced. The God runs itself as the Sun, Moon and Wind, so that the Mind can achieve the God Purpose.

The Spirit which is the Calling (Seed).

The Mind which travels the Earth (Fruit).

The Body which is perfect and whole (Tree).

You are a Tree: Fed by the Sun and Water.

Your Fruit must Grow: Supplemented by your Roots and Leaves.

You Produce the Seed: Which only can or cannot succeed once you release it. Once you pass it on, your Spirit must Seed the Earth, no matter what.

This is the Only Matter of Consequence, this is the Purpose of the Realm.

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