Positivity in a Negative World

by Nate A 2 years ago in advice

Where does all this negativity originate?

Positivity in a Negative World

Our world seems shrouded in negativity. It bombards most people from the time they step out of bed, and continues until they climb back in at night. Constant bombardment from negativity lowers their vibrations to a point of basic consciousness and leaves them lacking the spirituality to even notice this force in their life. But where does the problem originate? We know that the Law of Attraction dictates that the more negative we surround ourselves with, the more we manifest into our own lives, but what is the original source? Are most people too far along this path to stop the cycle? Let's take a look.

I can offer you nothing more than the views of an old soul. But, it's a viewpoint that has kept the negative to a minimum in my own life. To start, we must look at one of the biggest influences in our society, the media. News filled with horrible, inhuman happenings and natural disasters. Musical lyrics filled with hatred and venom. Next, we need to consider the attitudes of the people that we surround ourselves with, and the way they can influence our own emotions, and therefore the type of reality we manifest for ourselves. Third, we must take into consideration the self image that the last two factors can cause. Our self image is a powerful magical tool, it's our imagination at work, intuitively. Lastly, we will discuss the types of lives we live. Rather it be a fast-paced business life, or the quietness of living off the grid, your lifestyle is a great deciding factor on how much negativity you are allowing into your life.

The media has admittedly been influenced by the CIA, and used to influence the population. The documents verifying this fact have been declassified and are currently available online. And that happened decades ago, and it continues today on a massive level. You sit diwn to watch the evening news and your mind is filled with stories about all the horrible global events that are happening. You change the channel to watch a sitcom, and the commercials come on. Between selling you the home security system they say you so desperately need and trying to convince you how you do not need to own a firearm to protect yourself, there is a religious commercial about how horrible the world is and warning you that the end is near. These are followed back-to-back by two more commercials, one about starving children on the other side of the world, the other about abused dogs that need your donations to get adopted. Misery sells, that is one problem. The other, even larger issue, is that fear controls. Read that sentience again, and take a second to really let that sink in. Jim Carrey recently said that "every decision we make is either made out of love or out of fear." I couldn't agree more. We need to turn off our televisions. We do not have to get rid of them, but turn them off. Read a book, play a board game with your family. Replace that negative that is in your life with something positive. Most of what you see on TV, if not all, I would argue is fake, anyway.

As for the people in your life, it will not be so simple. There are people that we just cannot get rid of as easily as turning off the television, although, perhaps sometimes we wish we could. People we work with, our neighbor, a hormonal teenage child, all people that are in your life for the foreseeable future, regardless of how much their negative energy affects us. This is where you can do a little good in the universe though. Many readers that are beginning to awaken may think the proper course of action is to change the individual, but I believe that to best work this negative energy into positive, one must simply change the energy around the negative individual, around whatever situation may be causing their poor attitude and emotions. In this way, you heal the individual, not simply mask the problem. Of course, there are acceptable times to simply cut people out of your life, as well.

Now we will look inward. When you look into the mirror, who do you see? Who do you want to see? Self-image not only affects your energy, but it also changes the way that others view you, almost as if it's a holographic image that is broadcast for all to see. When you are getting ready in the mornings, start smiling at yourself in the mirror when you catch a look at the reflection. Tell yourself positive things about yourself. Use positive self-talk adversely to negative. Start loving yourself, if you do not, nobody else will either.

Finally, take a look at the world you live in, your day-to-day life. Are there loads of stress and responsibility at work? Long hours and a lot of overtime? If so, you are prone to more negative influence than someone living a slower, more laid back lifestyle. Normally the difference between these two types of people is the amount of stock that each one puts into material goods. How much they have put into the consumerism that the television sells as success. People today live so far outside of their means that their children will probably die still paying of this generation's debts. Even the government of the most powerful nation on the planet is spiraling in out-of-control debt. We simply do not need all this junk they are trying to sell us. We do not need brand new, huge homes. We do not need new cars that cost more than the home and land that we honestly need. Screw the Jones', let them win the debt race. If you do not do all that, you only need a fraction of what you thought you needed to survive, financially.

So, in summary, simplify. Regress. Let's try to maintain a simpler lifestyle. Turn off the television and spend some real time with your loved ones. Help one another and get rid of those around you that are pulling you down. Grow a garden, read a book. Put the phone down. And most important, don't forget that it is alright to love yourself!

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