My Top 5 Strains

by Nate A 2 years ago in strains

It's OK to Play Favorites!

My Top 5 Strains

The advancement of the cannabis legalization front has been making amazing strides over the last decade. With these achievements, we see a whole new generation of enthusiasts who know little, if anything, about the struggle of prohibition. Having used cannabis for 20 years, only recently have I had the luxury of knowing the name, type, and quality of my medicine before I get it. And do not even get me started on the various delivery techniques that are available today. From traditional smoking to concentrates, there are so many ways to take your medication these days that it can seem a bit confusing to a newcomer (or an old schooler). If you find yourself having difficulty with this, don't worry! There are many creators on YouTube that you can check out to get your cannabis education. So without further delay, here is an old time stoner's list of newly discovered favorites!

5. Girl Scout Cookies

I am not sure if it's the name (especially tantalizing after the fact) or that it was the first medical grade strain that I ever encountered, but I absolutely fell in love with that earthy aroma as soon as I cracked the seal. This was the strain I picked to take on vacation to Nashville last year. There is no way that the entire motel didn't know when I was sparking up! The place this strain puts your mind is out of this planet, crushing any body aches or upset stomach issues you may be having.

4. Blue Dream

This strain left me more productive and functional than any cannabis I had ever smoked before, ditch dope aside. The sativa concept was foreign to me and so was my state of mind. This is wonderful medication for daytime relief without the couch lock associated with more indica dominate strains. Also very handy with releasing your creativity into the world. As a writer, I have developed a great appreciation for the assistance sativas lend to artists. So, next time you need a bit of inspiration, get a little Blue Dream.

3. Mango Kush

Just recently, this wonderful smelling gift from mother nature made itself a spot on my list. One of the best balances for anytime consumption, in my opinion, it was perfect for any occasion. And flowers were completely gorgeous, and after partaking, so was everything else! After my last tolerance break, a little bit went a long way. If you have yet to try this one, I certainly recommend that you do, as soon as you get a chance.

2. Granddaddy Purple

This one held my number one spot for a long time, until it was replaced by the current top spot, just recently. If you are ready to become one with the couch, empty your fridge, and stare mindlessly at the television, this is the ticket, and I definitely recommend that you take the ride! I shared my first concentrate experience with this strain, as well as many hours with a Playstation controller in my hand. The vape was initially much different than normal smoking, but has now became a large part of how I get my meds. As you can imagine, it was a game changer.

1. OG Kush

My main medical use of cannabis is before bed to ease insomnia. In OG Kush, I have found the perfect before bed vape pen. A few puffs and I drift right off to sleep and stay asleep until morning. Indicas are good for insomnia, but I normally feel like they typically make it a bit more difficult to wake up the next morning. However, I have yet to have this experience with OG Kush.

In short, the world of cannabis is alive and growing. I am very proud to see the direction we are heading, from law making to the industry itself. In the year 2000, I wrote my senior paper on the benefits of legalization (and got an A!) but I never expected to see this amount of change in my lifetime!

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