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Nutritional Regimen For Patients With Kidney Disease


By ms.RainPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Nutritional Regimen For Patients With Kidney Disease
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Nutrition plays an important role in the treatment of any type of chronic disease. The number of people with end-stage chronic kidney failure requires dialysis. When diagnosed with kidney failure, patients must adjust their diet accordingly according to the doctor's recommendations so that the kidneys do not have to work too hard, so Nutrition During the treatment of kidney failure, it is very important. They help slow down the progression of the disease. If the patient eats scientifically as recommended by doctors or nutritionists, it helps the patient prolong dialysis time. In fact, the main excretory organ of the urinary system is located close to the back wall of the abdomen and on both sides of the spine near the psoas muscle, which plays many important roles in the normal body. The kidneys work to filter blood and Removes toxic water and salt from the body. The kidneys have four main functions: balancing fluids in the body, keeping the balance of minerals that the body needs to maintain normal activity, especially potassium to control activity. Of the nerves and muscles, too much or too little Potassium can also cause muscle weakness and problems with the heart. To eliminate metabolic products of proteins in foods, like me, when Kristen is created during exercise. Muscles release some essential Hormones into the blood like Lenin, which regulates blood pressure athleta protein helps the bone marrow create red blood cells and activates vitamin D to absorb calcium in food to enhance Yang um [music ] ah ah ah ah Normally the kidneys work to filter the blood and remove toxic water and salt from the body. When the kidneys fail, especially in the end stage of kidney failure, the kidneys stop working completely and the two kidneys no longer exist. Taking on the function of filtering blood to feed the body leads to other dangerous diseases and death at any time in patients with stage five kidney failure and dialysis is the most important part of the individual. That cause is dialysis. Correctly for the right amount of time and following the doctor's treatment instructions, in addition to technical issues, a non-therapeutic diet is extremely important for every dialysis patient. After dialysis, people will focus on three issues: one is not to eat too many foods, two more is not to eat foods that are too high in calcium and too much potassium, such as bananas, for example, star fruit when used as foods. The third thing is to limit eating foods that are rich in Phosphorus, such as egg yolks when thinking about milk. In general, before you limit the phosphorus of foods like giving up and again it is in these articles that patients must also pay attention to their nutritional status and eat nutritious foods but limit foods that are high in Potassium Phosphorus and do not [music] function. The function of an artificial kidney cannot be as perfect as a normal kidney. People on hemodialysis need to eat foods low in protein, salt, and increased calcium and vitamins. Drink water in moderation. People with end-stage chronic kidney disease and dialysis need to Limit eating foods high in protein even though protein plays a role in building and regenerating body cells. For example, people with chronic kidney disease whose weak kidneys cannot eliminate nutrients metabolized from protein will produce Urea. Uric acid has a negative effect on the treatment process. The amount of protein decreases depends on the number of dialysis sessions per week of the patient. Patients undergo dialysis once a week. The amount of protein needed is 1 gram per 1kg of body weight in a day. Yes, sister. twice a week, the daily amount of protein that should be eaten is 1.2 g per 1kg of body weight. Dialysis patients 3 times a week only need 1.4 g of protein per 1kg of body weight per day. Besides, it is also necessary to reduce salt intake. However, dialysis patients have reduced protein intake, so they need to supplement other energy sources accordingly. Patients can increase carbohydrates, sugars and fats to avoid malnutrition, which are found in rice and flour of all kinds. Especially when it comes to food, you must eat a lot of meat, fish, and sea fish. Characters can eat chicken well. Pork is not good. Beef is good. You should limit eggs. All 3 branches are fine. But you should limit eggshells, especially pay attention to lots of fish, marine fish, and fish, which are good, including foods that contain supplemental milk. You should use milk to separate Phosphorus, such as macro products. These are products of Vitamilk, including foods that have been mixed with added energy and nutrition without fear of increasing Potassium or Phosphorus


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