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9 Warning signs that kidney function is starting to weaken — NATURAL HEALTH

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By ms.RainPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

9 warning signs that kidney function is starting to weaken Kidney function is extremely important, but in reality, when kidney failure is at the top of the common diseases, heart disease and cancer will follow when kidney function fails. Weakness seriously affects the health of the whole body, so you need to pay close attention to the kidneys and liver, which are the two leading detoxification organs of the body. The old main line will weaken or become toxic over a long period of time when the kidneys are working. Exhaustion due to bad eating habits and unscientific lifestyle can lead to kidney failure and even kidney cancer. There are some early warning signs that we can easily notice or detect early to take appropriate action. Timely correction and treatment helps the kidneys become healthier. When the kidneys are tired and have back pain, waste cannot be excreted and the body will poison other organs. People with kidney failure have symptoms of easy fatigue and fatigue. Frequent fatigue accompanied by some of the following symptoms of kidney failure It may also be due to nephritis. The kidneys are painful. Because of infection or stones, the kidneys are painful and colic and are located near the last bone of the spine. and in the pelvic area, so when ascending to the kidneys, the pelvic area is also affected and experiencing pain or abnormal urination with less urine is a clear sign that your kidneys are having problems. On the other hand, if you urinate too often, At night, you are also likely to have kidney diseases. This sign is due to damaged kidney filters. Blood in the urine. If your urine is still cloudy and red in color, it is not due to your menstrual cycle. period, you may be showing signs of urinary tract infection or urinary tract infection. In more serious cases, you should see a doctor immediately. Because this can be a sign of kidney disease such as acute glomerulonephritis, the urine has Normally when you go to the toilet, all the water will create a foam base. However, these air bubbles will quickly disappear, but if the urine has foam that doesn't go away for a long time or is more abundant than, that is one of the warning signs. Kidney disease In addition to foamy urine, people with kidney failure can also have a strange, unpleasant odor in their urine, swollen limbs, when your feet and ankles are like balls. Don't hesitate to get checked. Swollen limbs is a sign of reduced kidney function, leading to loss of a large amount of body protein and causing swelling in the limbs. 6 Loss of appetite, loss of appetite accompanied by nausea and vomiting is a sign that cannot Due to the accumulation of toxins in the body, the body becomes weak and unable to complete the detoxification job. Puffy eyes. When the kidneys leak a large amount of protein in the urine, your eyes become puffy. If your eyes suddenly become swollen, don't do it. Go get a blood test or check your kidney health. 8 Electrolyte imbalance cramps can be caused by impaired kidney function. So if you have frequent cramps, remember. get checked immediately 9 oozes when the kidneys are unable to keep the balance of minerals and nutrients in the blood your skin begins to itch if creams and medications do not work in relieving the itching You should Go to the doctor for a careful check-up when you see the above signs that can last for a long time and appear at the same time. You should pay attention to see a doctor to know for sure. Some people often have to take a lot of medicine such as antibiotics and pain relievers. pain anti-rejection medicine blood pressure medicine blood fat treatment medicine etc. need to pay special attention to this issue yeah yeah [music] yeahyeah yeahyeah

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