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Meditation: Why Do It?

by The Empire Heyoka 3 months ago in meditation
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Understand the Importance of Meditation and Why You Should Do It.

When we begin a spiritual practice, it will usually start with awareness of Body, Mind, and Soul—being aware of the present moment. We live in a society of hectic demands of modern life, what some would call "the Matrix."

Living in a hectic society, we become busybodies with all we stack on our plates! As a result, feelings of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and consistent frustration often follow, and sometimes people can suffer from anxiety.

This Matrix was designed to do this, affecting our physical, mental, and spiritual health! However, with how busy one life can be, one feels there is no time to take a moment or longer to be still and collect ourselves. Not doing this wears out our Minds and gives us the feeling of being worn out.

Meditation gives us more of a balanced and focused state of consciousness. It balances the Right and Left hemispheres to find that sweet spot in the middle. The purpose behind it is to make our minds calm and peaceful. To differentiate between the chatter of what is playing in your mind. What is ours, and what is coming from within?

When we meditate, it allows our mind to be free from worry and mental discomforts, whatever the form. Doing the initial breathing when we first begin helps calm the heart rate—turning our focus onto our breath.

Meditation allows us to understand our minds better. We learn to transform our negative to positive. Overcoming the negative aspects of the mind is essential to form constructive thought processes correctly. Do you know what you are telling yourself? You are your thoughts.

People often have trouble establishing a blank state of mind to completely calm the buzzing in our minds of all the stuff we go through and must do/or haven't done. To hush our minds is often the toughest to overcome! It comes with much frustration and doubts that it's an effective method. However, that's the discipline of it!

You are what is getting in your way from achieving what it truly means to slip into a meditative state. Of course, it's always possible to calm our minds, but it needs the effort to get there.

What Are 4 Different Types of Meditation?

Brain Synchronization Meditation

Are you ready for a mental shift? People say there is a left or a right-brain type of person. Fact is, we were born to use both sides of the brain. However, the Matrix that we live in pushes most people to favor a more left-side identity. Brain Synchronization Meditation helps us balance both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, activating our genius zone. The benefits of this type of mediations create a homeostasis in your central nervous system and allow for more flexibility in your thinking. Experience clarity of mind, increase in performance, health, mind, emotional stability, and more. It is recommended to listen to these types of meditation music while doing the others below.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation originates from Buddhist teachings and is one of the more popular researched forms of Meditation. The purpose of mindfulness meditation is to pay attention and become more aware of your thoughts. Observe and note any patterns by paying attention to the present moment.

Focused Attention Meditation

This form of Meditation involves you concentrating on a single object during the whole mediation while using your five senses. This could be in the form of a mantra, breath, mirror, flame, visualization, parts of the body, external objects, water, and more. This is a perfect meditation for anyone who wants to sharpen their focus and attention. As you advance your practice, your ability to keep your attention will strengthen, and distractions will become less common.

Movement Meditation

You might associate Yoga with movement meditation. You are correct, but let's broaden the mind and look at other possibilities. Movement Meditation is a physical form of Meditation where movement guides you into a deeper connection with yourself in the present moment. Most aren't aware they are practicing moving mediation more often than they are aware. Driving, walking, running, gardening, hiking are all forms of Movement Meditations. To balance your chi (your life force), other forms to look into are Tai Chi or Qigong. It is perfect for anyone looking to find peace in activities and who wants to develop awareness with their body.

These and other meditations serve many purposes beyond us just renewing ourselves. It's also a fabulous way to help open and align our chakras systems. It allows us to be connected above and below to better ground ourselves into the here and now. This brings us to a better sense of balance when we establish this, and we begin to see how differently we can handle situations and altogether physically feel. We can then break out of a hectic society. Our mental state and physical body are better relaxed and stable to bring about productive efforts, focus, and humble emotions.


Hopefully, this read has demonstrated how Meditation can benefit your life! It improves our well-being and the energy around us. We want to improve our quality of life, and Meditation is only one of the many ways to do that!


About the author

The Empire Heyoka

Jennifer is the owner of RISE Innerversity, an educational platform helping others step into their leadership role, and New Earth Excursion, a conscious-based Travel Agency assisting others in navigating New Earth.

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