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Using Graveyard Divination to Transform Your Life

by The Empire Heyoka 4 months ago in spirituality
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It's time to get your hands dirty!

Dirt is an amazing tool and one of the most underestimated magical tools you can use to elevate your spiritual and ritual practice. First off, I don't classify myself as a witch, but I do do "witchy" things. For the month of April, and with Spring in the air, I am being guided to use this Sacred Element of Earth more in my Self Development Expansion rituals, especially in deviation work.

For this article, I would like to go over a Taboo topic that many do not talk about: graveyard dirt. The mentioning of graveyard dirt might raise an eyebrow for some people because it can be such a taboo topic and one of the most controversial tools used for ritual practices. But the truth is, using some in your rituals can pack a punch when it comes to transforming your life. So get ready to learn how I have incorporated this element of Earth into my life to help me with Personal Transformation and Soul Expansion.

It's time to get your hands dirty!

Starting, this isn't something I have mentioned to many people, but Spirit urges me to get this information out due to a lack of information on how it can be used for our benefit. Graveyard dirt can enhance any ritual or magic work! But some could associate the workings with graveyard dirt with black magic or curses; in reality, graveyard dirt is also an ingredient in various good works and positive magic, such as protection, luck, prosperity, and even love-drawing and..... shadow work!

Let's Dive into the history of it:

The history of being used can be found in several different countries such as Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and the Americas, going as far back as the 16th century in written history and a long history of oral tradition before that. Here in America, other traditions that employ graveyard dirt in their workings include (among others) Hoodoo, Appalachian and Southern American folk magic, Traditional Witchcraft, and Spirit-Based magic. The uses for graveyard dirt, the methods of collecting, the ritual used can vary. It lies within the intent of using this sacred element of Earth.

What can it be used for?

Graveyard dirt is a powerful symbolic tool used to aid in alchemy and rituals to represent the sacred Element of Earth. In addition, it can be used to communicate and honor the Ancestors, heal from family trauma, and seek guidance from a beloved dead beyond the veil. Witches, Shaman's and spiritual practitioners also favor graveyard dirt when needed in banishing spells and protecting themselves in all forms of negativity, harm, and evil. For example, it will help you against gossip, slander, and harrasiment. Ready to end toxic and abusive relationships? It helps with this too! Carry it around for protection against narcissists, which are attracted to us empaths. Break and remove hexes, curses, jinxes, crossed conditions, bad luck, and protect against the evil eye.

And that's not it.....

-Prosperity and Abundance

-Luck and Attraction

- New Love or Reconciliation

-Ancestral or Spirit Communication

-Scrying, Necromancy or Connecting to higher realms

-Removing of Blockages, Trauma Healing and Shadow Work

- Opening New Doors and Opportunities

and More...

When setting your highest intention during your self-help rituals or divination, graveyard dirt is a special ingredient that puts some spiritual power in your corner! Add a pinch to incense, oils, potions, powders, poppets, herbal blends, mojo bags, sachets and sprinkle onto candles. The magical possibilities of sacred element of Earth are endless!

How to do you collect it?

You don't have to use dirt from a grave to start incorporating this sacred element of Earth into your life. The term "graveyard dirt" can be used to reference dirt from a churchyard or cemetery, dirt specifically from a grave, and powered valerian, which is an herb most commonly used to treat insomnia, migraine, fatigue, and stomach cramps.

There are many methods of locating the proper soil, interacting with the spirits of the graveyard, and using the dirt you collect. They can vary greatly depending on whether written documents inspire your practice, established magical traditions, local folklore, or ancestral custom (just to list a few possibilities). So it is essential always to find your own way, tap into your intuition and always let spirit lead.

For this article, let's go over some important points.

When working with Graveyard dirt in Self Development Expansion rituals, you don't need to get the earth element from a grave necessarily. But just in case the ritual calls for specific energy or Spirit, here are some important tips to follow. When it is necessary to collect dirt from a grave, I typically choose to take it from the grave of someone I know personally. Doing this has allowed me to work on some deep ancestral healing that needed to be done to help with my EXPANSION and healing. In cases that it is not from a person you know, always research who they are to better understand the energy you will be working with. Always, Always, ALWAYS honor the person, the energy, and the land before you start digging. Take time to explain what you plan to do to the Spirits, asking their permission and assistance in this work. Wait for a sign of the Spirit's permission before removing anything from the grave. I proceed only after receiving a signal of approval.

It is important that you leave a small offering or offer services for the assistance in this work. You can do this by visiting the graveyard regularly to clean, tend to the grave by wiping the headstone of dirt, burning a candle or incense on it, removing weeds and other debris, and leaving or planting flowers if this is allowed. Thank the Spirit again for their assistance.

I will be going over additional ways to incorporate this sacred element of earth into your life. So please stay tuned for more on this element.


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The Empire Heyoka

Jennifer is the owner of RISE Innerversity, an educational platform helping others step into their leadership role, and New Earth Excursion, a conscious-based Travel Agency assisting others in navigating New Earth.

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