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Manifestation made easy...

by Imprint Manifestation about a month ago in spirituality
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Manifestation made easy...
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When you desire anything from your heart and take action towards it, you'll achieve whatever you want. I don't say you won't have obstacles/ challenges but overcoming them will lead you to your desire, or it can be that you may need to drop that idea completely or redirect yourself in these cases just follow your intuition i.e. your heart and do according to what it says, and I'm sure you'll manifest what you want or something better. Always remember, "Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck".

Now, what do you mean by desire from the heart and taking action? God/universe/your higher self (whatever you believe in) is the source, your heart is the consciousness and your body is the energy. The source provides you the way through consciousness i.e., your heart, and you're putting energy into the way will lead you to manifestation. Yes, everything you see, hear, and touch is manifestation. The material world itself is the manifestation, and thus anything in this world is a result of manifestation. The cup in which you drink coffee is a manifestation.

So, desiring from the heart means aligning yourself with the universe / God's will, which means doing things for the benefit of others or doing things that will affect other people's lives positively. This will help you to understand if the desire is stemming from your heart, or if it's just your mind rambling about, and here comes the end of the first step to the manifestation process. Now you know that it is your heart's desire, half of your work has been completed, and you will be able to believe that this manifestation will come true, all you've got to do is TAKE ACTION. If you ever doubt if it is possible or not, just know that Lord Ram in Ramayana said, "If you can imagine it then it is present somewhere in this world " which explains the different parallel realities. (If u want to know about this, please let me know in the comments).

"A thought without emotions is just a thought"

When you add emotions to your thought, it manifests. How? Action is done at 4 levels-Mental levels, the Subconscious level, the Physical level, and the Emotional level. So, if you take any of these actions consciously you are creating your own reality while you may take some action subconsciously which is not your fault, our subconscious has been programmed from the time we take birth by our parents, society, friends, and your environment as a whole. We can't change our subconscious, but we can reprogram it with meditation, affirmations, or subliminal, which are easily available on YouTube. As long as you pick up a thought and take any of these actions (as mentioned above), you will be able to manifest anything. Know that negative thoughts also manifest, so whenever you have a negative thought, try to replace it with a positive one. "What if it does work out exactly how you imagine it or greater. Entertain that thought. " Yes, remember this quote and let it sink in your mind so that you can change your negative thoughts into positive ones. And here ends the last step of manifestation.

If you successfully apply these steps, I am 101% sure you'll achieve your dreams in no time. If you ever feel low-spirited and need to hype yourself up, you can listen to your favorite songs which motivate as well as uplift your mood.

"Enjoy every moment, cause as each second passes by, your life only gets shorter and shorter". Enjoy your life and do not harp on the fact that is it true, will it happen, when will it happen, you've asked for it, took action, now sit back and relax, if it is meant to be yours it'll eventually find its way to you. Go on about your life and if possible, forget about it and see how the universe/ God amazes you with its magic.

"Miracles happen to those who believe"

It all starts with you and ends with you. Whenever you forget this, just remind yourself of the Doha quoted by St. Kabir.

| जैसे तिल में तेल है, ज्यों चकमक में आग |

| तेरा साईं तुझ में है, तू जाग सके तो जाग |

Just as a seed has oil and a spark is the essence of light,

Divinity lies within you, realize this if you can.

Pro-tip: - Take the manifestation as a challenge, pour your heart out while imagining, put in as much emotion as possible while doing the manifestation methods, and then look forward to if it manifests or not. Separate yourself from the manifestation, think of it as a different person, and now you are challenging it to prove itself by fulfilling your desires.

This method will help you detach yourself from the outcome, which is also known as "to let go" and help you to manifest faster and better results.

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