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How to lose weight healthily?

by Lyle M Carpentier 2 months ago in health
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If you are diligent, exercise to lose weight, if you are lazy, then improve your meals and match your diet to lose weight.

Eat 3 more "foods" for dinner, you can lose weight without "dieting" 1. Yogurt and cucumber weight loss people know that rice and steamed bread are relatively high in calories, so try not to eat staple food at night. But if you don’t eat staple food, what should you eat? You might as well make a bowl of yogurt and cucumbers by yourself. First of all, cucumbers are rich in cellulose, which will help promote intestinal peristalsis after eating, which will help prevent constipation. Secondly, yogurt contains a lot of probiotics, which also help to relax the bowels and help lose weight. 2. If the corn is not eaten properly for dinner, it is easy to cause the calories to not be consumed, and then converted into fat, which accumulates in the body and makes people fat. Therefore, everyone can choose to eat a corn for dinner. It is a coarse grain with low calorie content and high fiber content, which brings a strong sense of satiety and reduces food intake. After eating corn, it helps to promote gastrointestinal motility, prevent constipation problems, and also help to lose weight. 3. Milk oatmeal Oatmeal is rich in linoleic acid, which can effectively improve the body's edema problem. It belongs to coarse grains, and it gives a strong feeling of fullness after eating. Moreover, oatmeal is rich in cellulose, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and make bowel movements smoother, thereby achieving the effect of weight loss. It must be noted that the oats mentioned here are not snack oats, but whole grain oats.

I'm good at saying 'no'. I say 'no' to so many things that I occasionally want to eat them all and can't stop. "It feels like this should be the overeating state that most people who lose weight experience. Every overeating creates a sense of guilt, and then it seems like we've come to believe that we're uncontrollable, overeating people. So I wonder if you can try to say 'yes' to yourself in this situation and change your relationship with food. Most of the time you will control how much you eat, but sometimes you really want to eat that delicious piece and think about it for a long time. For cake, you can also buy a piece, eat a small portion slowly, share the rest with others or save it for the next day. At this time, you will find that you have eaten what you want and you can control it. Stop overeating by yourself. Then you will have a little more confidence in weight control, and gradually your self-confidence will increase, and you will think: Oh, of course I am a person who can manage my body well. Your view of yourself has changed from negative to positive. When you change your view of yourself, your behavior and habits will also change, so that you can really lose weight, which should be considered as a natural way to achieve health by changing your inner habits weight.

usually use is dieting. The effect is dizziness and palpitation. Why? Because you put your whole body cells in a state of extreme hunger. When you don’t insist on eating normally, he Immediately, it will be absorbed twice as much, so the water that will rebound the most cells is water. After removing the water, the most content is protein. Protein is the structural substance of cells, so we must let customers eat normally, and supplement chicken, duck, fish, beef and other high-protein meats. Therefore, protein must be supplemented. If protein is lacking, the whole person will collapse. Therefore, when we lose weight, we must let customers add more protein, and must not diet. Scientific, healthy and effective ways to lose weight are very important.


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