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About weight loss About diet pills?

by Lyle M Carpentier 2 months ago in health
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After reading a lot of inspirational cases, my heart is itching, I really want to lose weight, and now I just want an effective diet pill, please come to Amway, fat students can't hurt, although I have a male ticket (๑‾ ꇴ ‾๑) Reply⁽⁽

I feel that dieting to lose weight is totally inadvisable, and the harm is too great. I would be around 160 pounds, and I was also thinking about dieting to lose weight. I lost 10 pounds in a week, but when I started eating, The increase of 3 pounds and 4 pounds has rebounded very strongly, and I even became fatter than before. Moreover, my aunt didn't come that month. The acne broke out very seriously, and the whole endocrine system was disordered. I also thought that it would be like this, I would get fat if I was fat, and I couldn’t lose weight anyway. Later, my best friend really couldn’t stand the way I gave up on myself. To lose weight, the harm is too great, but I was also stunned at that time, and no one would listen.) My best friend is a micro-business, and she told me to take care of my body that month, she told me the method, let me I was healthy and thin. At that time, my best friend gave me porridge to drink every day to help me recover. Because dieting was too bad for my stomach, she said that my stomach must be taken care of. This is my best friend. #(Too happy) Later, she They just gave me a candy and a cookie every day, and they didn't tell me to control my diet or force me to do exercise or anything. They said that after I finished eating, I would lose 15 to 20 pounds in a month, and there was no problem at all. I may be quietly losing weight every day, but maybe because I am fat, I have never dared to be called on. I don’t know if other fat papers have such troubles. Anyway, I didn’t dare to be called on. The whole person is lighter when walking. I won’t say that if I walk a little faster, or if I run a little bit, the whole person can’t breathe. Moreover, I am wearing sweatpants, and I don’t really feel that I am thin or not, but it is by my side. My friend, said that I was a little smaller, asked me if I was losing weight, and asked me to weigh myself, my darling, when I was weighed, my chin was about to fall off, 128! ! My mother, I lost 32 pounds in a month and a few days. I can't believe it myself. Anyway, I'm slowly starting to feel more confident. After eating for three months, my weight has remained at Around 105, I occasionally end up with 107.108. Anyway, I have come this way, and I am really grateful to my best friend. Without her, maybe I am still the inferior and pitiful me today. Now, I have also found my boyfriend, My best friend has always been by my side. I feel that life is very stable, beautiful and happy.

I think there is something wrong with fasting, a sin. From my point of view, "Fan Zhihong's theory" is definitely wrong. But I don't need to persuade Fan Zhihong, and she can't be persuaded by me either. We are not boring, especially she is a big V, even if she thinks I am wrong, she will ignore me. Besides, I don't need to be told by others, listening to the wind is rain. People say that Fan Zhihong said so, does Fan Zhihong really say so? If a person is talking about soldiers on paper, he has to bring out a big V to prove it, indicating that this person is really half a bucket of water and is not good at learning. To persuade others, at least speak with facts. Even if Fan Zhihong really said these words, it is not the imperial decree, and it is not the return of heaven. The way is different, don't waste time. Last time, someone wanted to argue with me about low-carb diet, especially adding me on WeChat, hesitating and hesitating, and finally said, "It depends on the situation, you can't say it all wrong." I really feel that these little girls are a bit idle. It's not good to spend time doing something. Does it make sense to convince me, this bad old man? Figure I'm old, figure I don't take a bath? So, life is too short, don't waste time trying to prove yourself and convince others. If you can understand yourself, you will complete your mission in this life. Part of my mission is to market the Eighth Radio Gymnastics, and I don't care who doesn't benefit from it, believe it or not. The heaven and the earth are not benevolent, and all things are regarded as dogs, and no one is great.


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