Healthy Eating Challenge

by Lynda 2 years ago in beauty / diet / aging / body / health / fitness

Day one

If you have been following me on Vocal this is my second post for my ‘healthy eating challenge.’ Today is my first day of dieting and I am already feeling a load off my body. The food I have chosen absolutely fills me up. It’s amazing that what I have chosen, I would already feel like this. For my first day, you will have seen or will see the foods I had chosen from breakfast right through dinner time. However, I have not added in the snacks I had eaten which I will do when I post day 2 of the challenge.

Now you may be wondering about the effects it has had on me so far. But I guess, for the first day you may not really see a difference. This is because your body is slowly adjusting to the change in the foods you are eating. Your body, once it absorbs the new foods, will adjust to this and your brain will also notice that there is a change. Your brain will then remember to tell your body that this is what you are eating and will function accordingly.

I am definitely no health expert but I do have some knowledge of losing weight and health pros and cons. So, how has this new healthy eating affected me? Well, as I said before I already feel a weight lifted off me. It’s almost as if my body was asking for this change. I guess after all the unhealthy eating and drinking I’ve been doing, I wasn’t fueling my body with the right food and drink.

Now, usually I don’t eat breakfast till about 9:30 or 10 am and I become really hungry. Sometimes I’ll have a big breakfast and then I would eat again two hours later. This would usually consist of bacon and eggs on toast or spaghetti on toast, toasted sandwiches, or sometimes I would add salads to my meal.

However, today although I had to miss an early breakfast, I was able to fit the healthy meal into my morning. I started my morning off at 9:30 am. I chose to eat two apples and a cup of hot lemon tea for breakfast. I made my lemon tea with added maple syrup just because I didn’t want to use sugar and I had no honey. It wouldn’t be wise to buy honey in a small container for $10-11, even though it may help in so many ways. This price is just ridiculous and unless you can find a reduced option to clear shop you’re stuck with Maple syrup. The syrup was a great addition to the lemon drink.

Eating my first apple I thought, you know, this is a bit weird choosing fruit for morning breakfast. I wanted something different and I was thinking I may not like this. As I was nearly halfway through eating my apple I was feeling quite comfortable and I was beginning to feel quite satisfied. When I had finished my apple I was ready for the next one. By the time I was through with breakfast I actually felt complete. I felt as though I had eaten breakfast and I was ready to continue with my day.

The next meals enlightened me even more because I could feel so many healthy foods fueling my body. For my last meal of the night, it was as though all the vegetables and non-fat foods were certainly working for me. As I said before, however, this is only the first day of my ‘healthy eating challenge,’ and if this is what the healthy eating is already doing for me, I can only hope that the next few days will benefit so much more.

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