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Global Life Expectancy Rise

Its Benefits and Drawbacks

By Syed Asim AliPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

The average life expectancy has increased dramatically over the past few decades, and this trend is anticipated to continue in the future, making the growth in human longevity a popular topic these days. Nonetheless, there are benefits and drawbacks to this upward tendency in the over-65 population. Given that it has a negative impact on the nation's economy and labor force, I think its disadvantages ultimately exceed any advantages.

As Ron Chernow said;

" I think one of the important things that have happened in the course of the century is that life expectancy has doubled. "

Let's start by looking at some advantages of an aging population.

The biggest benefit of having more senior individuals in the population is that they appear to be a source of wisdom and information and frequently represent excellent human resources for the family. They have a broader perspective and a deeper understanding of human nature and society than younger people. In families, older individuals may serve as mentors and guides to younger generations, providing advice and support based on their own experiences. They may also play important roles in passing down cultural traditions and values, as well as providing emotional support during difficult times. Shortly, In this age of wickedness, where the youthful generation wants to purify their souls, there is also a need for more visionaries.

Another undeniable advantage is that the elderly can live and spend more time with their family, friends, or loved ones. Also, it strengthens the desire to live your life like a flower in bloom. It can provide a sense of connection, purpose, and social support that can be important for mental and emotional well-being. Moreover, It can provide an opportunity to learn from their experiences, gain insight into family history and traditions, and receive emotional support and guidance. For instance, my grandmother, who is now in her 90s, wants to visit her grandkids so that she can give them some of their earliest and most precious memories.

After we've examined the benefits of growing life expectancy, let's have a look at some of the key negatives.

Contrarily, the main problem is the absence of resources in any nation, which puts financial pressure on the government. For instance, if it is estimated that one child is born every minute somewhere in the world, and 60 are born every hour, that is 1440 births each day. On the other hand, the death rate is nowhere near 50% of that number. Because the population is growing at a rate that is three times faster than the death rate, resources will soon be scarce. Also, older individuals require constant care due to their increased health difficulties, which places additional burdens on the government.

Another drawback of an aging population is that older workers are viewed as being less productive than younger ones. Although being more organized and experienced than the new ones, they are unable to improve any country's workforce due to their worsening mental and physical health as well as their uneasiness with the new technologies. It is difficult for employers to provide appropriate support and accommodations to help these workers continue to contribute to the workforce. This may include flexible work schedules, ergonomic accommodations, or access to healthcare resources which is nearly impossible if we are living in such a society where competition is at its peak.

In conclusion, I feel that the aging demographics put an additional financial strain on society and may not prove to be a productive labor force, which could impede the development of any nation in the globe, even though it may have some favorable social effects.

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