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Frequently Wearing Tight Pants Will Induce Gynecological Inflammation and Easy to Get Cystitis

Wearing tight pants may trigger gynecological inflammation and cystitis

By Jane SmithPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
Frequently Wearing Tight Pants Will Induce Gynecological Inflammation and Easy to Get Cystitis
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Tight pants are a favorite style for many women because they are designed to fit the legs very well, stretching and shaping the leg line. The tight pants can better show the physical beauty of women. But often wearing tight pants is very harmful to women, which can cause not only gynecological inflammation but also cystitis. Let's take a look!

Why do women who often wear tight pants can induce gynecological inflammation?

Although wearing tight pants can show long legs, due to the tight crotch, the buttocks are tightly wrapped, it is easy to make vaginal secretions gather, and bacteria multiply quickly. And tight pants create a suitable environment for bacterial proliferation and put the vagina in close contact with these bacteria. So, women are more likely to suffer from infection.

In addition, wearing tight pants is also not conducive to the vulva's cooling. It is not conducive to sweat, as well as vaginal secretions evaporation because the vulva is often in a state of dampness and stuffy, which leads to the occurrence of vaginitis.

If a woman is infected with vaginitis and not treated in time, it will continue to infect the cervix, the pelvis, the uterus and other reproductive systems, and finally cause serious gynecological inflammation resulting in female infertility. The treatment for the above problem is as follows: the first is to choose drugs that can reduce inflammation and kill bacteria, such as Chinese medicine Fuyan pill. The second is to stop wearing tight pants and choose loose, comfortable cotton pants.

Why do women who often wear tight pants can easily get cystitis?

The tight pants women often wear are mostly made of polyester, nylon, spandex, etc. These materials are poorly breathable, and long-term wear will easily cause a hot and humid environment in the pubic area. The vaginal secretion, feces, urine, and other metabolites gathered in the public area allow the bacteria in the public space to breed, invade the urethra, and finally lead to urethritis and cystitis.

If you often wear tight pants and are infected with cystitis, patients will experience frequent urination, urgency, pain, hematuria, lower abdominal pain and other symptoms. It will seriously affect the patient's work and life.

Active treatment of cystitis can effectively improve the pain and discomfort and the abnormal urination symptoms. Natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has the effect of diuretic and drenching, clearing heat, removing toxins, activating blood circulation and relieving pain, which can make all the symptoms of cystitis disappear!

In addition to wearing tight pants, many habits of women will also have the risk of contracting cystitis, such as:

Lacking of personal hygiene. A woman's reproductive system is close to the anus, and without proper hygiene practices, intestinal bacteria may enter the urethra and cause infections.

Persistent holding of urine. Holding urine regularly allows bacteria to grow in the bladder, increasing the risk of infection. Bacteria in the urine would have been excreted in time, but holding the urine for a long time weakens the body's urination mechanism, leading to bacterial growth.

Not drinking enough water. Water helps dilute the urine and reduces the chance for bacteria to grow. The increase in urine concentration tends to promote bacterial growth in women who do not drink enough water. This can lead to cystitis.

Ignore sexual hygiene. After sex, bacteria can easily enter the urethra and cause infection. If you don't pay attention to hygiene afterward or don't take the right protective measures, you can increase the risk of infection. Urinating and cleaning your private parts can help reduce bacterial growth.

Warm tips: Wearing tight pants will not directly lead to cystitis, but if worn too tightly or for too long, it will affect the blood circulation of the lower body, resulting in local hypoxia and decreased immunity. Thus increasing the risk of infection. Therefore, it is recommended to wear comfortable, breathable underwear and clothing and avoid wearing too tight clothes.


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