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How Can Men Deal with Epididymal Induration?

Why do men have epididymal induration?

By Jane SmithPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
How Can Men Deal with Epididymal Induration?
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Epididymis is the most essential male reproductive organ. Inflammatory infections can lead to epididymitis. In some patients, scarring nodules form in the later stages of epididymitis when the inflammation subsides. This kind of nodule is hard to touch and does not feel painful.

The change of induration in patients with epididymitis is mainly due to the lack of timely and thorough treatment of acute epididymitis, which leads to acute cellulitis, acute cellulose exudation, and induration. This results from transitioning from an acute epididymitis to a chronic epididymitis.

Chronic epididymitis may produce induration after healing, which is a normal phenomenon, and the longer the time of the patient's illness, the greater the possibility of induration. When the patient's disease lasts for a long time, the epididymis will be in the long-term inflammation stimulation, resulting in fibrous tissue proliferation and scar tissue. As a result of fibroplasia and scarring, inflammatory material builds up in the epididymis due to blockage, and over time, a hard induration will form.

Since induration usually does not affect the patient's sexual and reproductive abilities, doctors do not recommend treatment under normal circumstances. Pay attention to personal hygiene and avoid repeated inflammatory stimuli, as repeated inflammatory stimuli can worsen the patient's condition and trigger some complications, which may affect fertility. If the patient has uncomfortable symptoms, he should seek medical attention promptly and take antibacterial drugs for treatment according to the doctor's advice.

Epididymal induration may manifest as chronic inflammation, where acute pain does not occur, but inflammation can recur in cases of weakened immunity. Moreover, inflammatory nodules in epididymitis can cause obstruction of the epididymal duct or vas deferens, which may lead to unilateral obstruction of the vas deferens and affect semen quality or quantity.

If the indurations are insignificant, the patient can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine, which can invigorate blood circulation, remove blood stasis, soften hard lumps, and dispel nodes. Patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill orally.

On the one hand, it can thoroughly clear the inflammatory infection and remove the residual pathogens. On the other hand, the herbs in its formula, such as peach kernel, safflower, and wood sorrel, can help to invigorate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, soften hard lumps and dispel nodes, invigorate blood circulation, promote vitality and relieve pain.

The therapeutic effect of these herbs is evident; After some time, the induration can slowly disappear. In addition, to achieve a better therapeutic effect, patients can also use hot water sitz baths, localized hot compresses, or physiotherapy to assist the treatment while taking herbal medicine.

Epididymitis and induration are all related to hygiene and abnormal lifestyle habits. Common induration is caused by inflammation caused by bacterial infection, which is not treated promptly and effectively. Eventually, induration forms and it is necessary to go to a regular hospital for relevant examinations to understand the condition of the induration. In daily life, avoid masturbation, pay attention to personal hygiene, rest, eat a light diet, and cooperate with hot compress therapy to achieve the goal of healing.

For epididymitis and induration with recurrent inflammation, it is necessary to consider whether it is a malignant transformation of the condition. In addition to anti-inflammatory treatment, malignant epididymal induration also requires surgical resection to achieve the goal of complete eradication. When this disease occurs, do not feel embarrassed and seek timely treatment.

If the patient's induration is large, drug treatment is difficult to play a role in eliminating the effect, so at this time, the patient can choose surgery to remove it. However, after deducting the induration, patients should pay attention to maintenance and try to rest more, lying down and less standing, so as not to lead to epididymal congestion and edema aggravation.

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    Good information on dealing with this! 🪬

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