Everything You Need To Know About IV THERAPY

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Everything You Need To Know About IV THERAPY


THAT'S RIGHT. Today, we're chatting with the expert Dr. Aliza Cicerone from Spark Health to get all of the details... And they're definitely not just for hangovers in Vegas. They're also great for vitamin deficiencies, low energy, specific diseases, leaky gut, etc. The list goes on for days.

(Side note: as always, do your own research. Like really, really do it. The blog is a way for me to share my experiences and showcase diverse perspectives from experts in multiple industries. However I encourage you to talk to your own doctor, friends, experts, etc.)

Ok, so after double jaw surgery I committed to trying a bunch of different holistic practices — IV therapy being one of them. This made sense because I was inflamed as fuck AND I've always been a fan of Vitamin B shots. SO, I decided to research and see what the fuss was all about. I feel like IV therapy is very popular in a lot of countries, so it was something where I needed to pull out my magnify glass and inspect, you know?

You should know I'm a human guinea pig, so I rolled up my sleeves to try it. I HAVE TO SAY I HATE NEEDLES MORE THAN LIFE, so this was a HARD ONE for me. Like to be honest I have to look away, breath, close my eyes every time. I CRY, I WHINE, I FUSS — it's pathetic, actually. Honestly, the picture above even gives me the heebie-jeebies. Really, though!

Not only does Spark Health provide IV's, though. I actually did a full blood panel. Everything came out FAB besides two things: my D3 levels (remember we discussed this?) AND my cortisol (what up, stress) levels were off the chart (this is for a whole different post). Anyway, it was cool to see the breakdown of all my levels & peak BTS at my body. Sometimes, you gotta lift up your engine to see what's inside.

Oh, and you will just LOVE the doctor who guided me through the process. Her name is Aliza Cicerone and she knows her shit — which is why I asked her if I could interview her on TSC. We talk treatments, common issues, supplements, and healthy recommendations.

Happy reading:

Lauryn Evarts: Introduce yourself.

Dr. Aliza Cicerone: Hi, everyone! I'm Dr. Aliza Cicerone and I work at Spark Health. Spark Health is an integrative medical clinic that specializes in personalized natural medicine.

How did you start Spark?

We noticed that there wasn’t a clinic in San Diego that was providing truly personalized medicine to address each individual’s unique needs with high levels of both medical care customer service.

OK SOOOO, first of all, explain how you are different than any other practice.

We are different from most other clinics across the country because we offer a truly personalized and customized approach to diagnosing and treating our patients. Not only is our medicine very tailored to each patient’s unique needs, but we deliver an extremely high customer service experience.

Our process is very thorough and treats the whole person.

Tell us all there is to know about vitamin shots.

We have the largest selection of results-driven vitamin injections in the country that have been developed by one of the top naturopathic doctors in the US. Our shots contain natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and are formulated to give people a boost in performance in the areas of life that matter most to them.

Some of our most popular shots are Body Sculpt, Energy, Zen Master, Super Immune, and Detox Booster. By getting nutrients in a shot instead of by oral supplements, your body is able to use the nutrients most effectively & efficiently.

Let's talk vitamin IVs now. SOOO much curiosity on the subject. Tell us everything.

IV Nutrient Therapy (known as IVNT) is the process of giving concentrated levels of vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, & amino acids directly into the bloodstream through an IV. At Spark Health, we have an extensive menu of 20 different IVs that have been custo-designed to deliver specific results. IVs can achieve high nutrient concentration levels in the blood that are not obtainable with oral supplements. Even with the highest-quality oral supplements and food, there can be issues that prevent absorption and use of those nutrients. With certain nutrients, IV therapy provides up to 10 times the absorption of oral supplementation.

When our bodies are taxed mentally and physically — by an intense workout, a challenging workday, or a stressful life event — we require higher levels of nutrients to repair tissue damage, maintain mental focus, and restore energy. By administering the nutrients directly into the bloodstream, our cells are able to effectively utilize the nutrients they require for optimal function and healing.

When your cells function properly, energy and focus improve, tissue can recover more rapidly from workouts and injuries, and the immune system can fight off cold and flu symptoms faster, allowing you to remain in peak mental and physical shape.

Some of our most popular IVs are Energize, Immune Boost, Sparkle & Glow, Body Sculpt Plus, and Hangover Hydration.

Most common issues you see with your patients?

We treat all types of health conditions, from preventive medicine to patients undergoing cancer treatment. Some of our patient population is in great health, and are looking to see what they can do to optimize their health and wellness. We also see many patients that are concerned with age management and hormone therapy.

Many of our patients are very athletic, and come to us for regenerative joint injections, like prolotherapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). We also treat a variety of digestive issues, like IBS and leaky gut.

Best supplement people can take at home?

There’s not one supplement that is right for every person. We determine the best supplements for each patient by doing specialized lab tests, such as nutrient deficiencies, digestive health, and food allergies.

Our doctors formulate customized treatment plans for each patient’s specific needs.

Who is the ideal candidate to come to Spark?

Our ideal patient is anyone who wants to take their health to the next level and is committed to living a healthy lifestyle. Our patients are truly interested in what is actually going on inside their bodies, and who want to understand the root cause of any health issues.

As far as wellness is concerned, what are your top five recommendations?

1.) Daily movement or exercise, no matter what the intensity/duration. Do what works for you.

2.) Be mindful of what foods you put into your body… You are what you eat!

3.) Good, restful sleep is the most important and under-utilized medicine.

4.) Know what is currently happening inside your body to prevent issues in the future.

5.) A positive mindset encourages positive health.

Tips for people who are feeling fatigued?

Come in to have your lab work done! Fatigue can be a symptom of a combination of different factors, & lab testing is the way to know how to treat the cause of the fatigue.

SO, GUYS: WHAT DO YOU THINK? WILL YOU GIVE IT A SHOT? THOUGHTS? Love your opinions, as always.

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