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Embracing Natural Beauty

by Unknown 5 years ago in advice / body / humanity / mental health / organic
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Be your own version of SEXY!

When it comes to my beauty routine I like to keep it simple, I believe that less in more and soon you will too!

We are constantly being discouraged by the media to going out without makeup on. Celebrities are ridiculed relentlessly for this. As photos emphasizing their so-called “imperfections,” are plastered all over the front covers of nearly every magazine. These media outlets are also the largest endorsers for these expensive beauty products. If we stopped using these products, then they would not make money. In order to keep sales on target, they are ruthlessly objectifying us as women and shaping our minds to suit their greed. It is truly disturbing to think about the control that the media has over society and one’s thoughts. Have you ever stopped to think about how many things you are influenced by on a daily basis? How much does the media impact your life and personal decisions?

I use to spend hours getting ready in the morning, painting my face on with cosmetics. After wasting years of my life with this daily routine, I began to realize something. Not only was this impacting my life in a negative way, but it was taking way something positive. My skin began breaking out a lot from the makeup I was using, it became at times overly dry, oily and the natural oils from my skin were being replaced with harmful oils. These skin care products claimed that they would fix these issues, little did I know that they were the root of the problem.

After trying numerous skincare products, as an attempt to cure my acne, I found that the breakouts, fatigue, and pigmentation of my skin were only getting worse.

I was so busy trying to eliminate the problem, without stopping to focus on the true cause of the underlying problem. In the beginning, it was so hard to accept that the makeup and skin products were making my skin this way. I felt so reliant on this routine, that I felt fearful of going out into society, without my “security blanket.” (aka. makeup)

The first time that I went outside without makeup on I felt scared, ashamed and embarrassed. As I was sitting on the public transit that day, I decided to smile and project confidence, even if it wasn’t genuine. Have you ever heard the saying, "Fake it until you make it?" Well, I decided to give that theory ago! As I began to exit the bus, a stranger stopped me, to tell me that I looked beautiful. A few tears gathered in the corner of my eyes, as I exited the bus that day. It was that moment that I realize what true beauty really is.

It was not long after my little exposure exercise that I decided to stop wearing makeup. I began cleansing my skin with a non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and unscented soap. My skin began to clear up and had a beautiful and natural softness and my pigmentation started to change. I looked youthful, energetic and best of all naturally beautiful!

From this point onwards, something even more wonderful happened. I began attracting the right people into my life, people who I could be my true self around. People who didn’t value materialism and who embraced natural beauty. In case you are picturing a “hippie-like cult,” let me assure you that is not at all what I am referring to. These people all come from all different walks of life, but share similar values. They practice kindness, love, and generosity. When I started embracing my true self, I found it much easier to attract dreamers, doers and those who bring out the best in each other. These are my people, the kind who build each other up instead of tearing one and other down. I believe that it important to not compete with others but, to instead cheer each other on. To win in life, we need to stand together, instead of working against one and other. When we work together, possibilities become endless.

Going back to talking about natural beauty, I want to clarify something. I am not saying that you should never wear make-up again. Instead, what I am saying is, let go a little and embrace your natural beauty! If wearing lipstick make you feel confident, use it to enhance your beauty - instead of covering it up! Being comfortable in your own skin is the best feeling in the world. I truly hope that my experiences will help to encourage you to embrace the beautiful goddess that is you!


Look in the mirror and repeat after me:

“I am beautiful!”

“I am worthy!”

“I am enough!”

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