Breathe Your Way to Success...

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Try a breathwork session!

Breathe Your Way to Success...

How do I reach success by simply breathing? I'll tell you. Breathing doesn't just serve the purpose of getting air into your lungs and keeping you alive. When you use your breath combined with intention, you can make magic in your life.

How? How can you create magic in your life using only your breath? With focus and intention and guidance, that's how. I don't know the science behind it, I can only tell you what I experienced when I had a breathwork session with my friend Carrie Kondor. It was absolutely mind-blowing.

I had been struggling with chaos in my head for a few weeks now. I was trying to sort out what to do and where to go next. I was feeling stuck and very confused. When I booked my breathwork session with Carrie, I was so far gone that I did not think anything could help me. Carrie told me to journal my dreams for the nights prior to my visit and to watch nature and animals for any encounters and to journal those as well. She told me to set an intention for the breathwork as well. Something I would like to focus on. I decided at the beginning of the week for my intention to be weight loss and abundance.

Let me tell you, by the time Saturday came around, my intentions had changed. I decided to focus intention on strength and power. Carrie and I discussed my dreams and some of my past issues and she agreed that strength, power, and trusting my intuition would be a good intention to set for the healing. After all, you can't get abundance or weight loss with a weak mindset. You have to feel empowered.

So, she explained a little about how the session would go and I hopped onto the table. She would be using a combination of gentle drumming, some shaking of the maracas, and music to assist me into an altered state. She would also be doing some chanting and prayers, some in a different language. I was excited! I didn't know it was an energy healing! I guess I just thought she was going to show me the Breath of Fire like in yoga classes and that's what we would practice or something. I was totally wrong! This was an actual healing session. All I had to do was breathe. My focus was only to be breathing. It was called circular breathing. In through the nose and out through the mouth without stopping.

What I experienced was amazing. I don't know how long I was up and out of myself, but I was. I was not in my body. I could feel my body, but I wasn't in my body. I could feel my limbs twitching as the energy was unblocked all throughout my body. It was truly spectacular. I felt stiff and full of tension when we first started but as the session moved on, I felt all of my muscles let go of the tension and I melted into the table under me. It was mind blowing. I felt all of my muscles do that and as with all the other energy healings that I have had before, my mind was the last to let go. Everything else was relaxed and had surrendered except my mind. Once I recognized this, I let go. My thoughts left me and I watched the movie screen behind my eyes unfold into a beautiful vision.

The void that usually occupies the backside of my forehead when I close my eyes turned into a receiver. The space filled with a beautiful red, orange, and yellow sunset. There in the middle was a great mountain. I saw a quick vision of a wolf and a native american man in full dress dancing. I was shown my own shelf at home where a drum and a pair of maracas lay right now and was told I had been given the tools. For what? To do this work at home, is the first thought I received when I questioned it in my mind. I saw a younger shirtless native american warrior standing on top of the mountain with his axe held high in the air above him. He was showing me power, I just knew it.

Finally the session was coming to a close and Carrie had to help me get re-grounded into my body. I could not even sit up for a few minutes. I had to wiggle my fingers and my toes to get "back into myself." I was blown away that you could do that much and go that far out of yourself using simply the power of your own breath!!! Carrie was wonderful and she is an amazing energy coach. Once you experience something like this, there is no doubt in your mind that you are bigger than you ever gave yourself credit for. This is all within you. Carrie told me briefly that by using the breath you open up parts of the brain that aren't usually tapped into. It is just an amazing experience.

Please give your mind, body, and spirit some much needed love and book a session with Carrie. Love yourself enough to treat yourself to this. You feel like a completely new version of yourself after it's over. You will never be the same again, I promise!!

Have a great day today everyone!!

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