Better Influence Through Healthier Choices

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Healthier choices lead to a healthier life.

Better Influence Through Healthier Choices

As a person mindful of their own health, you might be interested in promoting similar lifestyles for those around you. Family, friends, and coworkers could also benefit from an increase in activity and healthy choices, and you want to help do so. You can promote such a lifestyle by setting an example at home and work. By doing so, you will affect those around you who are interested in leading healthier lifestyles. Here are some helpful tips as to how you can promote health and wellness with your family and coworkers.


Eat at the office instead of going out. Not only will you promote healthy eating, but you will also promote saving money as well. You can influence people’s choices about health by the food you eat in the breakroom or at your desk. By bringing a variety of healthy food options with you, your coworkers will, at the very least, think about what you are eating and, quite possibly, adopt them into their own personal menus.

Do desk exercises, walk around the building, and, depending on the proximity of your home to your place of work, walk or bike to work. Like the food choices, this could plant the seed in someone else’s head and get them started on the road to a healthier lifestyle. Of course, if you are in a position to initiate change on a wider scale throughout the workplace, there are other possible options available to you.

If your job allows you some level of influence over the larger workforce, you could go one step further than eating carrots in front of people. Form an example, make health and wellness a part of the onboarding guide for new hires. If you can integrate healthy thinking at the ground level, such new hires will be your best potential advocates. Such initiatives and habits, however, start at home.

Family and Friends

If you are in charge of grocery shopping, start buying healthier food. It is best not to jump in with both feet, so buy just a little here and there. Start small with snacks and work your way up to meals. If you put healthier choices in front of them, there is an increased chance that your loved ones will also begin to eat healthier.

On a personal level, make better choices for your own body. If you smoke or drink, quit. If you cannot, at the very least, try to change them. For example, do not drink or smoke in the presence of your children and other family members. It will be more difficult for such habits to imprint on children the younger they are. Show those around you that there are other choices of activities to do in their spare time than those that involve remaining stationary.

This one might be tough, depending on your family’s dependence on technology. Technology, namely gaming and television, encourages a more sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to increased risks of preventable illnesses. Implement rules that promote periods of no technology. For example, implement a no-tech rule at meals. This will help promote communication between family members. Communication can help foster healthy relationships with others as it gives people a chance to address issues concerning them. Also, don’t be the first to turn on the television or other technology. Sitting down and reading a book or even going for a walk can help put into family members’ heads that television and games are not their only choices for entertainment.


People who live healthy lives can share their fortune with others. You are doing your best to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Family, friends, and coworkers would be more apt to change, increasing their activity levels and choosing better foods, through subtler means. Promote a healthy lifestyle by setting an example at home, socially, and at work through your own choices and healthy lifestyle habits.

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