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A Therapeutic Rainy Afternoon


By StaringalePublished 2 months ago 3 min read
A Therapeutic Rainy Afternoon
Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

The campus let us off at 1:00 pm today, and it was a slow day. Signing out of the campus, I began the stroll back home. Only a few steps were taken before Mother Nature gave me a surprise. A drizzle graced the day, and I ducked under the awning of a store to pull out an umbrella from my bag. It helps to be prepared. With the umbrella on my head, I continued the stroll. The petrichor spread through the atmosphere and engulfed my senses, accompanied by the pitter-patter sound of the raindrops hitting the pavement. It felt as if Mother Nature conspired to give me an autonomous sensory meridian response. I immediately felt my muscles relax, my energy levels rising, and the tiredness seeping away. The combination of the auditory, visual, and olfactory response to the rain was nature's rejuvenating therapy.

The rain started to get heavier, but fortunately I had reached home. The sky also started to get darker. After shaking off the now-wet umbrella, I set it aside to dry. Giving my mom a hug, I closed the door just in time, as the loud sound of thunder caused my heart to hammer loudly. Getting away from the door, I went to my room to freshen up. Donned in comfortable clothes and fuzzy slippers, I headed to the kitchen where warm lunch awaited me. I saw my mom going around turning off the lights and electrical appliances, a necessary task during a thunderstorm. I helped her by setting the candles in the living room and the kitchen, and then I enjoyed my lunch.

The house was silent as my siblings had yet to be let off from their campus. Deciding to use this time to bake with my mom, I requested her with puppy-dog eyes, and she caved in. So, baking will be our task for the next hour. Mom's cooking is something that I still crave despite my age. We started off by gathering all the ingredients for the cookies: fine flour, castor sugar, butter, eggs, powdered almonds, and of course, almonds. I felt my appetite building.

As we started measuring out the ingredients, my mom began to share baking tips with me. The first one was that no two ovens are the same and the timings need to be adjusted according to the instructions that come with the oven. The second tip was that the key to a delicious cookie is to use fresh, quality ingredients, none of that packaged goods. My mom also explained the difference between real butter and the knock-offs/substitutes we find at the stores. Taking a small bite of the knockoff, I felt a hardened, oily texture that made me feel like I would probably get a cold throat if I didn't soothe it down with a warm drink, and it even felt heavy on my stomach.

A bite into the real butter was a totally different experience. It was a silky, creamy texture that glided down my throat easily without irritating it and didn't feel heavy at all. I made a mental note to replace the butter I have been using with the real one, and I listened to my mom to absorb as much as I can. Most moments like these are a chance to catch up with each other, but for me, it is a learning opportunity. Putting the cookies in the oven, we cleaned up the mess, took a break, and sat down enjoying some hot beverages.

Finally, the timer went off with a 'TING,' and we rushed to the oven to check the cookies. As we opened the oven, the aroma wafted through the kitchen, making it smell like a bakery. Taking them out, we placed them on a wire rack to cool before indulging in them. They were not your typical cookies - it was a Middle Eastern version, which I am sure from your own experience you must have found to be quite different from the typical cookies you eat.

This was a great bonding and learning experience with my mom. Now, I'm going to indulge in the cookies. Talk to you guys next time.


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  • Daphsam2 months ago

    Awww what a wonderful story! You write with such depth and details, bring the reader into the scene!

  • Shirley Belk2 months ago

    Nothing much better than a rainy day spent with mom baking cookies. Magic.

  • Test2 months ago

    I appreciate its well-crafted and informative nature.

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