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I knew I could do it

#100 things in 20 minutes

By Oneg In The ArcticPublished 9 months ago Updated 9 months ago 6 min read
I knew I could do it
Photo by ethan on Unsplash

I had seen that Judey Kalchik had decided to do this #100 Things in 20 Minutes Challenge that seemed to pique my interest. Shortly after I saw that Cathy Holmes wrote 20 Minutes of Babble, and decided I had to do it too. I love to babble, and my mind is a nonstop randomness machine. So here ya go folks, 100 things that probably don’t matter!

1. You said 100 but I think I can do more. My mind is wild like that

2. I’m pretty nervous about this whole adhd thing

3. I guess I’m diving right into things

4. I gotta say, it’s been a wild time. I’m surprised how well I’m keeping it together.

5. Honestly I always need to

6. Can’t fall apart on someone else’s dime

7. Even though there isn’t one, but I guess I just liked the expression

8. My tummy is rumbling but I have no appetite actually and I don’t know if I feel hungry

9. Food is such a weird thing right now

10. Funny enough, food is also so ridiculously expensive these days!

11. I wonder if one day we’ll get out of this whole inflation thing

12. Everytime I imagine the word inflation, I think of that purple octopus bag from Legend of Zelda

13. I remember one of the first times I did that synesthesia thing knowingly, and in public, was in music class

14. Our teacher asked us to tell us about this song we heard and what we noticed in it

15. He didn’t tell the name of the piece

16. Everyone said like music theory stuff; crescendos, dynamics, minor key, whatever

17. I said MAROON

18. I mean, it sounded maroon, kind of like sunset maybe

19. The song was called Dusk

20. There is a thunderstorm and tornado warning right now

21. Missed the sunset I guess, so we hit straight to darkness

22. Darkness is a fascinating word, because it doesn’t read dark

23. The word Darkness kind of makes me think of a colourful salad

24. Maybe it’s because darkness is complex and contains many components

25. I wonder why we can’t see all the different colours out there like different species do

26. I think I recall that birds see more colours than we do, or maybe just different

27. But they don’t see windows haha

28. That movie Stork, had THE funniest scene with the windows

29. I don’t think I had laughed that hard in a while when I had seen that movie

30. Animations has come so far along, it’s fascinating

31. I wonder when holograms will be like a legit thing, like in the movies

32. The AI, I’m not a fan of.

33. I think we are consistently rushing to that but we also know it’s going to fuck shit up

34. Didn’t that movie “Artificial Intelligence” explain it all pretty clearly?

35. I still remember how sad that movie was

36. I wonder if we ever learn from our mistakes, like actually

37. My dog right now was shaking in his sleep, like dreaming, and it’s so cute

38. He sleep talks a lot, sleep growls sometimes too! And runs in his sleep

39. I hope he has good dreams

40. Okay now I got stuck for a second, and I’m almost half way through my time

41. The interesting thing is that I’m trying to write more in each bullet point

42. So is this more an exercise at how fast I can type?

43. And how many words per minute? Or just ideas

44. We are consistently producing ideas

45. I wonder how many are original anymore

46. Like music, and tv shows, plot lines, how many are truly original?

47. It’s like earth, we’re just building on top and working off of the past, the dead

48. It’s sometimes a scary thought, living on so much history

49. I always was interested in history

50. I wouldn’t mind being a history teacher, or doing a history degree

51. I loved taking anthropology classes in university

52. The exams were so long though, and you’d think 3 hours was enough, but no!

53. We always time things

54. Even this challenge, TIME

55. Time is just a concept we make up though

56. Like who decided a minute should be 60 seconds?

57. Why not 100? I mean, we did that with money

58. Math is weird, once we give it symbols and stuff

59. Who decided all this?

60. Why do we keep reinforcing it?

61. Is it the human nature of conformity?

62. Lack of character?

63. What a wild thought. I wonder how it all came to be

64. Who decided that symbols should be the way they are, and words be words

65. How far back would you have to go?

66. I wonder if animals also made and make symbols

67. How do they know things are things?

68. My wife is distracting me

69. She wants something and she threw me off my track

70. But I guess she also gave me something else to write about

71. To be honest I was losing my point there earlier

72. And she keeps tiptoeing around me trying to busy herself for five more minutes

73. It’s quite funny, how’s she’s trying to keep her impatient self busy

74. And the dog is jealous now because she’s giving attention to the cat

75. We really need to cut the cat’s nails, I’m pretty tired of the claws in my shoulder!

76. He also has been jumping up on me more

77. Like, I love the attention, but ow!

78. And he won’t let me hold him long, restless shithead

79. I can sense my impatient wife

80. And I need 20 more things in 4 minutes and I’m ready

81. Which reminds me of rocket ships

82. The thing is, is that they never are painted like the animated ones

83. The animated ones always fly better

84. The real ones just explode!

85. No offence NASA

86. Why are we so obsessed with the moon anyhow

87. Like, can’t we leave the rest of the universe alone?

88. Don’t we do enough damage?

89. That made me a bit sad

90. But we do beautiful things too

91. The simple beautiful acts, just soft acts

92. Sometimes we do big beautiful things, memories, experiences

93. This moment, it ain’t half bad

94. I’m listening to the song Hong Kong by Gorillaz right now

95. And it’s both surreal and kind

96. I don’t know how to explain that thought but listen to the song

97. I’ll try to remember to link it in 94

98. But I guess this will be goodbye now

99. Because guess what

100. I did it.

Time left: 1:24

By Agnieszka Boeske on Unsplash


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  • Celia in Underland3 months ago

    '27. But they don’t see windows haha' Made me laugh out loud. Cat f***ed off the sofa. More leg room for me. Bloody loved this and may well give it my own go,,,maybe x

  • Congratulations! Maroon was & is a great answer, not matter what was playing. Words, numbers & symbols all came about because we wanted to communicate with one another & pointing & grunting wasn't getting it done (especially when we wanted to talk about something or someone that wasn't there).

  • JBaz9 months ago

    only one thing: LOVE IT

  • Gina C.9 months ago

    I am loving these and it was so fun and cool to see what goes through your mind, Oneg! 🤗 You did it! 🤗❤️

  • Great job... You did it...

  • Mackenzie Davis9 months ago

    This was like a meditation! An absolute pleasure to read. Im really enjoying this challenge. Love the synesthesia thing. I don’t do that but I have a sort of feeling about the colors of words and letters, so it was fun to read about your experience there. Darkness as a colorful salad is very interesting. What kind of dog do you have? I love those videos od dogs running in their sleep; there’s one where a dog stands up and runs into a wall. 🤣 Hilarious to see! Really enjoyed your thoughts! Thank you for sharing in this challenge. I’ll have to post mine soon.

  • Donna Renee9 months ago

    Awesome!! The maroon/dusk thing was so cool!

  • Cathy holmes9 months ago

    Yay!! You did it. "No offense, NASA' lol. I just finally cut my cat's nail. And she is also a little shithead. Lol. Thisbwas great. Congrats

  • Judey Kalchik 9 months ago

    Look at you!!!!! Yay! And these are my favorite lines, because I never noticed it before. 81. Which reminds me of rocket ships 82. The thing is, is that they never are painted like the animated ones

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