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Bursting Alive

By Mel E. FurnishPublished 3 years ago Updated about a year ago 8 min read
Creator's Creations
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Creating is more than just writing words, painting a picture, or building something. Its a piece of the artist, its something that was within their heart and mind, something that was so strong it was begging to come alive. It pesters like a parasite, keeping us up at night until we create it through our imagination, our open-mindedness to make it work, and our hands to bring it to life.

Once it’s alive, it craves more attention. It demands critique and praise, it seeks an audience with an eager dream that beats in our hearts. It will grow or simply remain; whether it survives the passion in dreams, or, hopefully not, murdered by our own hands simply giving up and turning to destruction. Our creation shouldn’t be given up on, it should be cared for and improved. It should be cherished and remembered as another step closer. Another step in the right direction of doing what makes you happy. It’s what you enjoy, what your passion flourishes on. What comes easily and naturally to you. Whatever it is that you find yourself doing when you need something to quell anxiety or fear, to feel, to be happy, to be sad, to learn, to understand, to cope, and to grow from the ashes of pain and mistakes; it is all substantial for our growth.

Our creativity isn’t just our "love" or favorite thing to do. It is also our sanctuary. Our therapy, our recovery, sometimes our escape. Escaping isn’t always necessarily positive, especially when taken to extremes when feeling the need to separate further from reality, but for some, it does help.

Releasing thoughts into something real and tangible is soothing. It’s like feeling sheer peace for several moments. Its relieving, finally releasing and getting it off the chest, letting go of that nagging need to complete the puzzle of the creating, rebuilding, repairing. As our heartstrings are stitching the torn pieces back together again, the newfound strength behind that desire to fight returns to empower the drive to be heard or seen.

Throughout our lives, we face: struggles, pain, heartbreak, real emotion, real moments, tragedies, incidents, mistakes, accidents, depression, failures, successes, etc.. Each of these experiences will force some sort of understanding on us. They help us learn to cope and see a new side of things. They give us a story, an image to share with others. Whether that be to encourage them or warn them, the darkness of those times is an experience, knowledge in lessons-learned, and a test to strengthen ourselves.

We create to make those times seem more worthwhile. We create so that we can start to let go of the pain and grow from it. We create so that we can find ways to move forward instead of backtracking by hanging on to the past. We create to express things in tricks, riddles, codes between lines, so then we don’t completely bottle it all up by not speaking it aloud bluntly. Why always be so straight-forward, open, and exposed (as many emotional, empathetic creators are for years before they get hurt enough to change and want to bottle things up) when you can throw in a little mystery? It’s good to remain real, you need to say things you need to say and stand up for yourself, be yourself, but it’s good to not reveal everything. If they are meant to be in your life: they will show interest, they will ask questions and listen to really know you, they will push your creativity, and they will want to see you fly, not fall.

It’s tough for creatives after experiencing and thinking things that almost fast-forward their growth, and despite how many times they’ve been burned, they will always still be willing to expose themselves, to be embarrassed, because that’s what art is. Its a personal piece, something that was made from a part of you, whether it’s connected to a memory, a mistake, etc., it is yours. Some people will never know the truth behind the lines or be able to “see” a thousand words in the painting of colors and shapes. Some people will never understand what you do, but that’s all a part of the human experience. Living and learning in thousands of different ways, while we are all unique, some of us are involved in similar battles without even realizing it. There are others who face similar things that we face. Through creativity and sharing it, they will be able to relate and connect with you on that level. Maybe even reach out to you and offer advice or help. That’s the beauty of real human unity. Knowing what it feels like, and not needing to say anything, simply offering comfort and aid to remind us that we are not really alone.

Some create to have something, somewhere to go, even fictional characters to spend time within our minds. Since they are created by us, we share a sort of understanding and that’s comforting because they are a part of us. So, of course, they understand us, they are us. They can be inspired by our friends and our family, created to keep them "immortal" on paper and our peers, etc..

It’s odd how sometimes its a feeling of finally having complete control, having the chance to manipulate whatever. The ability to take something as small as a split-second idea, and blossom it into something we can finally hold on to and never lose because it will always remain in our hearts and minds. It will always be there when in reality, no one is ever guaranteed to stay. No matter the pain though, sometimes that "loss" isn’t really a loss. Toxic people leave our lives because they are meant to, you wouldn’t want a bad apple ruining the rest of your tasty apples, would you? You remove it from the basket and the smell and bugs are gone. They weren’t meant to be in your life forever all along, that doesn’t mean you should regret ever crossing paths, but think of it as another lesson, another bump in the road, another path that was broken. A perfect concept for another character or shape or experience to form into a new, unique creation.

These characters we make are also just a friend we never had but wanted. They are the ideal person we need, or the worst person we could possibly think of with traits we've seen in reality. Reality has a funny way of giving us a view of different problems and situations that could be different and exposing how we feel about them, or how we perceive them, or ideas we have on how to handle them. Humans shouldn't ever stop "putting our heads together" and sharing our thoughts, ideas, etc., to help bring to light different viewpoints and processes available for us to pursue. The whole point of teams that have accomplished many great things was bringing together people who have different imaginations, strengths, weaknesses, morals, knowledge, etc..

Storytellers and artists might have been damaged at one point in their lives, or maybe still are, but they stop the bleeding of those wounds by creating. The wounds may open again, but its just another opportunity to create one of your best creations yet. Personally I am a big believer that when we are at our most emotional, lowest, or highest points, we create the next best piece of work to add to our collection and arsenal. Those creations are more than just words or brushstrokes, they are our experiences, emotions, thoughts screaming out, bursting alive.


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